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This list is by no means comprehensive, nor necessarily up to date.

Consumable Type Spells Category Located in
a bent stick wand detect magic buffs Airia
a bird of paradise flower pill detect invis, mass invis buffs Escimir E'gal
a black potion potion blindness, giant strength buffs Thalos
a black rod wand dispel evil offensive High Tower
a black staff staff energy drain offensive Dragon Tower
a blessed stick wand bless buffs Halfling Halmet
a blue pill pill detect invis buffs Marak
a blue potion potion cure serious, cure poison curatives Haon Dor
a blue stick wand detect good buffs Airia
a bowl of herbs herb sanctuary buffs Elium Forest
a bright red potion potion cure critical curatives High Tower
a broken stick staff NONE misc Airia
a bronze spellbook staff stone skin buffs Elven Kingdom
a burnt staff staff blindness offensive High Tower
a ceremonial Tribal staff staff detect magic buffs Kashangal
a clear pill pill pass door buffs Airia
a clear potion potion cure serious, remove curse curatives The Glass Spires
a cloudy potion potion pass door buffs Forsaken lands
a cracked staff staff earthquake offensive Airia
a cyan potion potion blindness, harm harmful Dragon Tower
a dark blue potion potion detect evil buffs Falen Dara
a deep-green potion potion stone skin, blindness buffs, harmful Falen Dara
a dried purple seaweed herb fly buffs Miruvhor
a dusty scroll scroll stone golem misc Xymerria
a faerie dusted parchment scroll faerie fog offensive The Volcano
a floating pill pill fly buffs Halfling Halmet
a floating wand wand fly buffs The Volcano
a frothy white potion potion fly buffs Miruvhor
a fuchsia potion potion fireball offensive Miruvhor
a garlic serum potion purge unlife curatives Flying Citadel
a glass wand wand magic missile offensive The Glass Spires
a glimmering white staff usable sanctuary buffs The Great Milieu
a glowing orb usable sanctuary buffs The Dark Observatory
a golden wand wand dispel magic offensive Dragon Tower
a green potion potion teleport misc High Tower
a green potion of .. recall potion frenzy, flashfire, tele lock, cure blindness buffs, curatives Ruins of Anduin
a grey-silver wand wand call lightning offensive Falen Dara
a gyvel potion potion cure blindness curatives Elderwood
a handle with a jester's head wand ventriloquate misc Faction of Steel
a heart of a nymph pill cure critical curatives Everwild
a hellkite wand wand demonfire offensive Escimir E'gal
a herbal potion potion cure poison curatives Everwild
a kiwi pill cure disease curatives Cloud Kingdom
a lamian stave staff esuna curatives Escimir E'gal
a lodestone wand harm offensive Elemental Canyon
a long stick wand infravision buffs Airia
a long tree branch staff earthquake offensive mountain trail
a magenta potion potion protection evil, cure critical curatives, buffs Dragon Tower
a mandrake root herb stone skin buffs Everwild
a metal wand wand drain energy offensive High Tower
a milky white potion potion recall misc Elven Kingdom
a Multicolored Pill pill detect invis, cause light buffs, harmful Duergar City
a needler stalk herb detect magic buffs The Volcano
a pear pill cure poison curatives Cloud Kingdom
a pink wand wand faerie fire offensive Falen Dara
a potion of flight potion fly misc Maelbrim, Elven Kingdom
a potion of the ancients potion sanctuary buffs Winter
a red and white staff staff cure critical curatives High Tower
a red pill pill bless buffs Marak
a red stick wand detect evil buffs Airia
a reddish herb herb teleport misc Faction of...?
a rod of godly intervention staff bless buffs The Volcano
a runed scroll scroll armor buffs Dragon Tower
a scroll scroll blindness, curse, sleep offensive High Tower
a scroll marked with a lightning bolt scroll lightning bolt offensive Halfling Halmet
a scroll of Chaos scroll faerie fire, earthquake, detect magic offensive, buffs Elven Kingdom
a scroll of giant strength scroll giant strength buffs Halfling Hamlet
a scroll of identify scroll identify misc Val Miran, Maelbrim
a scroll of infinite identification scroll omnipotence buffs Miruvhor
a scroll of invulnerability scroll stone skin, armor , shield buffs Val Miran
a scroll of missile immunity scroll missile shield buffs Miruvhor
a scroll of recall scroll recall misc Falen Dara
a scroll of weapon enchantment scroll enchant weapon misc Val Miran
a scroll titled 'jhyfrdow' scroll protection buffs Elderwood
a scroll titled 'Transient Decapitation' scroll acid blast offensive Keep of Myran Dammel
a scroll written on blue paper scroll enchant weapon misc High Tower
a shadowy bottle potion shadowform buffs The Volcano
a Shield Stone staff shield buffs Elven Kingdom
a shimmering potion potion pass door buffs Haon Dor
a short stick wand invisibility buffs Airia
a sickly looking white pill pill sanctuary, dysentery buffs, harmful Citadel of Kaer Banor
a silver staff staff faerie fog offensive Dragon Tower
a singed black wand wand flame arrow offensive High Tower
a small dusk of black gyvel herb armor buffs Elderwood
a small figurine staff cure serious curatives High Tower
a small red herb herb detect invis buffs Haon Dor
a sparkling potion potion armor, bless, cure light buffs, curatives Elven Kingdom
a spherical pill pill detect invis buffs Airia
a spotted mushroom herb insomnia harmful Elium Forest
a Staff of Acid staff acid blast offensive Elven Kingdom
a striped multi-valved heart pill remove curse, cure disease curatives Faction of Steel
a sulfur candle usable flashfire offensive The Brimstone Pentagram
a swirled elfwood knot staff sanctuary buffs Citadel of Kaer Banor
a tattered scroll scroll continual light, bless, armor buffs, misc Elven Kingdom
a tattered scroll scroll enchant weapon misc Thalos
a three-eyed root pill detect invis, poison buffs, harmful Everwild
a tightly rolled scroll scroll colour spray, create food, magic missile offensive, misc Unknown
a translucent potion potion pass door buffs Waterfall, Val Miran
a tribal potion potion protection good, armor buffs Kashangal
a vial of sparkling liquid potion sanctuary buffs Fort Blackwatch, Northern Road, Kashangal
a wand of armor plates wand armor buffs Miruvhor
a wand of oak wand infravision buffs Falen Dara
a wand of steel kites wand shield buffs Miruvhor
a wand of weakening wand weaken offensive Halfling Halmet
a wargolem powersource wand chain lightning offensive Maelbrim
a white pill pill armor buffs Marak
a willow branch wand create spring misc Barren Highlands
a wooden stick wand bless buffs Airia
a yellow potion potion giant strength buffs Haon Dor
an ancient illustrated parchment scroll blindness, curse, poison offensive In The Clouds
an ancient scroll scroll heal curatives Elven Kingdom
an apple pill cure light curatives Cloud Kingdom
an ashen wand wand cause critical offensive High Tower
an auburn-colored orb staff charm person offensive Chapel
an effervescent potion potion detect evil, detect invis, detect magic buffs High Tower
an elemental rod of earthquake staff earthquake offensive Elemental Canyon
an encrypted scroll scroll cure blindness, remove curse, cure poison curatives The Glass Spires
an energy pill pill refresh curatives Halfling Halmet
an energy scroll scroll cure critical, refresh curatives Elemental Canyon
an ice wand wand icicle offensive Elemental Canyon
an ivory staff staff sanctuary buffs Cloud Kingdom
an off white potion potion infravision buffs Falen Dara
an ominous spellbook scroll acid blast, lightning bolt, fireball offensive Elven Kingdom
an orange pill armor buffs Cloud Kingdom
an orange potion potion poison harmful Thalos
an orange stick wand burning hands offensive Airia
black oil in a bottle potion cure light curatives Airia
black wax pill detect invis, comprehend languages buffs Elderwood
blue dried leaves herb vitalize buffs Val Miran
elemental wand of fire wand flamestrike offensive Elemental Canyon
elemental wand of wind and air wand faerie fire offensive Elemental Canyon
fate generator usable virtuous light buffs Tainted Valley
magic dust pill detect invis buffs Elemental Canyon
nectar potion sanctuary, heal, stone skin curatives, buffs Cloud Kingdom
one of Bruiser's favourite sticks staff create food misc Airia
pond water potion psychic healing curatives Escimir E'gal
scroll of defense scroll shield buffs The Elven Valley
some catnip herb frenzy buffs Halfling Hamlet
some cinnamon herb armor buffs Halfling Hamlet
some coltsfoot herb comprehend languages buffs Halfling Hamlet
some damiana leaves herb cure light curatives Halfling Hamlet
some dark black leaves herb sanctuary buffs Dead Sea
some dried catnip herb frenzy buffs Halfling Hamlet
some fermenting raspberry leaves herb shield buffs Halfling Hamlet
some finely cut opium herb frenzy buffs Miruvhor, Caves of Kamir
some ginger herb faerie fog offensive Halfling Hamlet
some glass-covered leaves herb insomnia harmful The Glass Spires
some green hemp herb calm offensive Val Miran
some greyish herbs herb bless buffs Everwild, Miruvhor
some hops herb invis buffs Halfling Hamlet
some Magenta Leaves herb frenzy buffs Flying Citadel
some mullein herb pass doo buffsr Halfling Hamlet
some orange powder herb vitalize buffs Halfling Hamlet
some purple leaves herb armor buffs Ulraunt's Manor
some rosemary herb protection buffs Halfling Hamlet
some sparkling dust staff sleep offensive High Tower
some spearmint herb giant strenght buffs Halfling Hamlet
some Stoneberry leaves herb poison harmful The Ford
some translucent leaves herb refresh curatives Unknown
some glowing fungi herb refresh curatives Unknown
some sand colored leaves herb stone skin buffs The Great Chasm
tainted ankh wand sanctuary buffs Tainted Valley
the blood of a sloth potion cure poison curatives Escimir E'gal
the Bracelet of Control staff charm person offensive Tainted Valley
the Gold Dragon Orb staff cure critical curatives Ofcol
the Golden Flower of the Jungle pill flesh armor buffs Escimir E'gal
the Grand Pooh-Ba's Staff staff create food misc Everwild
the heart of a nymph pill cure critical curatives Everwild
the orb of dragonkin staff fly buffs Miruvhor
the orb of recall staff recall misc Miruvhor
The Red DragonOrb staff sanctuary buffs Sewers
the Rune of Salvation staff sanctuary buffs Isle of Souls
the staff of the dragon staff call lightning offensive Dragon Tower
the stone of recall usable recall misc Maelbrim
the tablet of Balsamic knowledge scroll cure light curatives Minoma
the wand of atrophy wand enfeeblement offensive Maelbrim
the Wand of Plenty wand create food misc Elven Kingdom
the wand of suffering wand plague offensive Maelbrim
the Wand of Thirst wand create spring misc Elven Kingdom
the Word of Command scroll stone golem misc Tainted Valley
venom sack pill enlarge buffs Tainted Valley

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