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In life, you shall devote yourself to a particular god. You will not select a patron deity directly, instead choosing a Path best representing your belief. Based upon your choices, a deity that best suits your desires and beliefs will be assigned to you. This is something taken very seriously, and one should do their best to represent the God they devote to with the greatest of respect.

There are a total of six religions, each subcategorized into three ways.

Chance Discord Greed Guile
Death Scourge Cycle Necropsy
Equilibrium Order Neutrality Chaos
Knowledge Mystic Combat Nature
Life Compassion Purity Tranquility
Faith Atheism Agnostic Church Lloth
/o                                                               o\
||        AABAHRAN: The Forsaken Lands List of Immortals         ||
||                                                               ||
||         NAME         RELIGION                  CABAL          ||
||         ------------ ------------------------- ---------------||
||   SUP   Zoichan      Order                     [TRIBUNAL]     ||
||   IMP   Volgathras   Discord Chaos             none           ||
||   IMM   Ulmusdorn    Nature                    [WATCHER]      ||
||   GOD   Shagarh                                [WARMASTER]    ||
||   AVA   Razozuul                               [NEXUS]        ||
||   DEI   Rygothran    Greed                     none           ||
||   CRE   Lloth        Lloth                     [SAVANT]       ||
||   DEI   Eledhwen                               [KNIGHT]       ||
||   ANG   Kassieti                               [HERALD]       ||
||   IMP   Anume        Scourge Cycle Necropsy    [SYNDICATE]    ||
||   IMP   Erelei       Purity                    none           ||
||   IMP   Tongar       Combat                    none           ||
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