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Religions / Death


You have always had a cruel streak. Inflicting pain upon others has always gotten a rise out of you, and as you aged, the hatred you have for others has grown with you. Your skill and passion for inflicting pain is only surpassed by your skill at doing it. You bring pain and death in your wake as you cut a bloody swathe through your foes. The walkers of this way are as many as those that they prey upon. No caste, race, or creed can claim any majority of them, as they come from every religious or financial category that exists. But one thing is consitent among them. A desire to destroy, and the means to do it.


Death is the great beyond. Once you pass through it's arches, never again will you return. Or will you? The cycle of life is a cycle of death. From death have you came, and so shall you return to it. There is no avoiding your fate, so why bother trying. You perpetuate the cycle by bringing death to those whose time has run out, beit in your eyes, or those of your God. Those of the Cycle do not kill out of pure lust or acquisition of power. They do so to reclaim souls to add to the pyre, and perpetuate the endless cycle of death and life. To attempt to cheat death is folly, and so long as these people exist, it can be most dangerous as well.


Everyone has their hobby. As a youth, you can remember poking the dead bird you found with a stick, fixated on the concept of dead things. You matured, but so did your pre-occupation with the lifeless. Prodding sticks turned to laboratory equipment as your thirst for knowledge of death changed to an obsession. You have searched for years for thick dusty tomes and ancient molded manuscripts, and your labor has rewarded you well. you know many things that none else do, and soon... Soon the means to escape death shall be yours.

It would seem that every path of magic possesses its own sages, and the path of Death is no exception. Those who wield it's terrible powers do so for many reasons. Perhaps they seek a way to cheat death. To become undying. Or maybe they just have grown too weary of mortal companionship and seek to raise the dead and make their own friend. Whatever the reasons, there is no doubting that their work has paid off, and knowledge truly is power.

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