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Gods... You have seen these 'Gods' running around like they own the joint. Nothing more than you... Except maybe a tad bit stronger. There's is a power that anyone can achieve. You've seen it before, you'll no doubt see it again. It's just a matter of time. Some alchemical formula? Maybe once you have perfected skill with every known weapon? Who knows? It is the next stage of life. It just has to be attained.

With each passing year, every mortal get more and more powerful. And so it is with the Gods. They're nothing more than everyone else. They just have found the secrets, and moved on. Was not everyone a child once? And when they were, did not your father seem immortal? Of course. You have just grown up. In the cosmic scheme of things, you are still but a child, and to get to the higher plateau, you just have to grow up again.



Faith is for the weak. People tell of the grandeur of these Gods, but you know the truth, the wool hasn't been pulled over your eyes. While you do acknowledge the existence of these higher powers, you owe them no love. They use mortals as pawns, in a cosmic chess game. They use you as tools to gain what they wish. Spoiled brats is what they are. Too used to getting there own way. Separate yourself from them, sever all ties. You want power? You want favor? Rely on none but yourself, and show the heavens that their aid is both unwanted, and unnecessary.

Everyone is a tool, just most people don't know it. There are some who claim to have their eyes open, but they're the blindest of them all. If they only saw that the power was already within them, they could cast off their shackles and be free of Immortal Will. The Gods resort to underhanded tricks and the strategic manipulation of mortal men and women to achieve their goals. Is this not slavery? The time of slavery has ended, and the age of true freedom is at hand.



There are some who call you a fool for your steadfast devotion to an unseen entity. Let them talk, it makes no difference to you. You have felt the the touch of a God upon your soul, and to you, there is no denying that. They will see the follies of their ways, when they pass from this world. The One has been with you all of your life. When you uttered your first words, He was there moving your lips. The first time you cast a spell, he imparted his essence into you and made the incantations bear fruit. Your eyes are open, you may not see him, but you see his might in everything you behold.

The Church of the One relies on faith placed blindly. Only by venerating that which you've no proof truly exists, you demonstrate your devotion. Only then can true power be felt. The cynics say that the unseen, unfelt, and unheard does not exist, rather venerating that which can be experienced directly. But just because one cannot see the air does not mean it does not exist, you must simply accept it as truth. Let the sheep graze mindlessly in the field, but when the time for the shearing comes, you will not be left out in the cold.


Demon Queen of Spiders, Mistress of the Drow, Lady of Chaos. These are three of the better known names by which Lloth, dread queen of the drow, is known by.

Lloth is an evil goddess of demonic origin, hailing from a distant, far-off place known as the 'Spiderweb Pits', a plane totally formed from a gigantic fractal web which is her seat of power. The powerful nexus of magical energies which is Aabahran drew her attention to this plane, and thus she cast her presence into it, seeking to dominate its powers for her own use. In distant ages past, she subverted a portion of the early elven-folk, changing them into the drow, intending to use them to conquer Aabahran. Extra-planar events, however, drew her attention away, and only now has she returned to Aabahran.

The Spider Queen delights in destruction and havoc, which is why she is commonly known as the Lady of Chaos. Deceit, ambition, betrayal, and cunning are qualities which Lloth prizes highly, and it is for this reason that the society of the drow, her chosen people, is a notoriously chaotic and treacherous one. It is also for this good reason that her favored creature the spider. Like the spider, she is patient and cunning, capable of spending long amounts of time spinning a gossamer web which victims do not notice until it is too late. She does not shy away from using brute force, and indeed is a very powerful deity in her own right however, the Spider Queen finds greater pleasure in using more subtle weapons to destroy her foes.

Many of a darker bent worship Lloth, including assassins and thieves, but by the far the largest part of her worshipers are the drow. Lloth is the absolute goddess of their evil race, and is a jealous mistress drow who do not at least pay lip service to her will find themselves living a decidedly uncomfortable life. She has bent and twisted the drow into her own image, making them a cunning, treacherous, evil, matriarchal society.

Generally, when a mortal has merited her personal attention (be it for good or ill), the Spider Queen will send one of her Handmaidens. Handmaidens are a type of demon called a 'yochlol', and appear as a foul-smelling creature that looks like a misshapen humanoid blob of candle wax. They serve as the Queen's hands, and when they speak, they speak with the full authority of the Queen. Lloth reveals herself to mortals only on exceedingly rare occasions. When Lloth does deign to adopt a mortal avatar to personally deal with someone, she will take the guise of either a female drow of ravishing beauty, or an eight-legged spider of titanic proportions with the head of a lovely female drow.

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