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The mind. It is the most powerful weapon in the world. To those who know it's secrets. Harnessing powers beyond comprehension to many, you are able to invoke columns of flame, conjure fields of energy to shield you from harm, or even take control of another's mind. There seems no limit to what you are capable of, but it is not without price. You have dedicated your life on the study of the mystic, all things arcane and divine. Whatever the source, this power has come through years of hard work, and diligent study. Your chambers are lined with tomes and ancient texts, but your mind has remembered all of their contents.

The Way of the Mystic is often a path of loneliness, it's members more often caressing a book, or spending their nights in the company of a scroll lit by a candle. Their existence is focused on the assimilation of all things arcane. They have done their research, attended their lectures, and sometimes have been given the gifts directly from the Gods themselves. With their wisdom fresh on the mind, they use this knowledge to exercise their will.


The life of a warrior. You have been one since you can remember. Maybe a few too many blows to the head, but it is all that you have known. A weapon in your hands is an extension of your anger, a field before you is terrain to be exploited to your advantage in an upcoming fray. Some of these tricks and concepts you have learned through formal study, but most of them have been gained the hard way; broken bones and periods of unconsciousness.

Battle tactics, weapon training, and the like are the bread and butter of those who walk the Way of Combat. Warriors without equal, they have fought campaigns still remembered, and lived to tell the tale. But from all the death and destruction they have been witness to, they have taken with them wisdom and experience; two things invaluable when you live life for and by the sword.


None are so at home within the wild as you. You have been raised among the trees, and from the sway of their limbs, you have learned that which will sustain you, and that which will kill you. Within your forest home, you are master, and there is nothing that eludes your attention. Much like the creatures that you share the forest with, it is kill or be killed, and you know how to do it.

Rangers and druids are most often followers of the Way of Nature for obvious reasons, but just because they wield abilities granted to them by Gaia, it does not exclude others. Many tales tell of monks, who have found solace within the arms of the woods, or the warrior who guards a secluded glade. All of these have discovered the secrets concealed within the grass, hidden within the brush, and cloaked within the canopy. With these at their beckon call, they make formidable opponents.

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