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Religions / Chance


You are violent and destructive, a menace to society, and hated by the masses. Your parents never disciplined you as a child, and you've grown up to be an irresponsible, violent plague. You don't like laws or authority in general, and you'd rather beat up an innocent child than give money to the poor. The followers of discord are shunned by most of society, and range from petty vandals looking for a cheap thrill to cruel beasts in search of world destruction. They generally resort to violence as a prime solution to all problems, and tend to reject unity and balance.


Gold, jewels, power, beauty - these words leave a sweet taste of lust in the mouth of the being who desires much. His greed drives him through life, seeking appeasement and satisfaction, a slight sate for the want that so hungrily consumes him. A life led by selfish goals and pushed in a direction that will better the wealth and prestige of the being that chooses to enter the gilded cage of Greed.


Liars, cheaters, and stealers of Aabahran unite and rejoice, for there is finally a path in which you can follow in life. Your tricks and pranks finally make way for purpose and reason and you are finally accepted for what you do in life. So gamble and drink, lie and steal, murder and purge! For on this path, no one judges you, but Chance.

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