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You have spent your entire life witnessing first hand the follies of war. The price of conflict. Bloodied bodies, people on the verge of death from horrid ailments, the crazed lunatics whose minds have been poisoned. You have seen all of this, and have sworn to put an end to it. A divine healer, or just a soul bent on mercy, you live your life to save others'. Yours is a gift best given to others, and better still given freely.

Every war has its casualties, and the campaign against evil is no exception. And each day, many succumb to the plagues and diseases spread by those who walk the path of death. Regardless of their outlook on war, those who walk this path all have one thing in common: A love for life, and the desire to preserve it. Whether they convert divine energy into blessings of healing and life, or are merely a friendly ear to speak to, these souls remain true to life, and do their own part to reclaim Aabahran for the cause of Good.


Evil surrounds you. It is everywhere you look. The darkness has cast a grim shadow over everything you hold dear. The time has come that something is done about it. Others waste time and energy in talk, or ignoring it altogether. That's why you are different. Take up arms, and the wicked shall fall in piles at your feet. Let them embrace the death they embody, and save Aabahran in the process.

The Way of Purity sees evil as a cancer and use arms to remove it, permanently. They have sworn their sword arm as the hope of life. No longer standing idle as their world crumbles around them, they have sounded the trumpet of war, and raised the standard, charging headlong into the fray. Theirs is a path of war, constant vigilance, for if one ceases to swing the sword for but a moment, he allows the darkness to advance.


You have never hefted a weapon against another before and you aren't about to start now. There are many reasons why people like you exist. Either your respect for life is to great to bring an end to another's, or merely the notion that violence accomplishes nothing, except reducing yourself to the level of the enemy. Differences can be resolved through talk, or other means, but violence begets violence, and fighting with swords and magic only produces more.

There are many means to achieve a goal. One need not force it with the point of a dagger, or the head of a mace. Those who do so are foolish, and see only an easy means to an end. But life is not always the flattest road; there are infinite hills and turns that one must negotiate to reach the end of it. There is work ahead for he who wishes to eliminate evil, whether those who walk this path attempt to quell the ways of the wicked with words, or simply perform so many acts of generosity that evil has no room to exist.

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