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Religions / Equilibrium


Without law, you are nothing more than the animals. Slave to Disorder. Law and Order are the only thing that raises us above them, good and evil does not matter; all are the same before it. Ruling with an iron fist or creating a civilization that favors neither good nor evil, the law is a tool to control, to protect, and to gain. Use it at your whim, but do not falter.

The world is ripe with disorder. Order is the shield that protects the world's population from destruction. Before it's blind eye, all are equal. The immoral murderer and the pious preacher; all will benefit, and heed, it's guidelines. It favors nothing, but elevates itself above all. It looks down on none, but is superior to everything else. It is the only thing that matters. But, just as laws are tools, so shall people use them to their advantage. Many who live the Way of Order know what they may or may not be able to get away with, and often corrupt the law to further their own goals, be it for good or evil.


Law, Order. Good, Evil. Extremes that when left unsupervised, wield terrible power. When the balance swings too far to one side, it is your job to correct it and weigh them a bit more in favor of the underdog, for when one side tips the scales beyond aid, it will end all that is known. You are a servant of the scales, aiding those who are outnumbered. Or perhaps you just serve one thing, yourself. Regardless of your views, you favor neither law nor chaos, light nor darkness. But one thing is consistent, while you walk the lands, the balance shall be maintained, and if need be, defended.

While there are many who serve established moral factions, those who walk the Way of Neutrality, serve everything that lay between them all. They live in a gray world, ignoring the boundaries of white and black, casting a protective eye into everything. Should any extreme begin to gain ground over the other, neutrality steps in, and rights the numbers, maintaining the balance between the two. But then again, there are simply some who do not care about good or evil, order or discord. And to these, the way of neutrality embraces them. Depending on their mood, their actions lead to any of the extremes, but call none of them home.


Freedom. A life devoid of rules, you live according to your own whim, and nothing else. Life is as simple as you wish it to be, or as difficult. But why would anyone want life to be hard? If that were the case, you would be trundling along with the zealots. You live your life by the day, making no plans, and heeding nothing. There are some that call you crazy. You do what you wish, when you wish. How is that crazy?

Those who walk this way hold no delusions about their moral standing. Their behavior is constantly changing, ever altering. A friendly ear one moment, and a angry, bitter scowl the next. People must choose their words carefully when speaking to them, because you never know how they are going to react. There are not many words that can sum up the behavior of one who follows this way, but it is often said that the only thing consistant about them is that they are not consistant.

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