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Millenia ago, during the first War of the Legions, there existed a formal guild of explorers with a thirst of knowledge so intense, that they would venture into unknown and hostile territory to sate that thirst for but a single moment. But as war often does, this guild, known as Herald, was put to use in combat. Acting upon orders of the High King of Aabahran, the guild of Herald were commissioned as Military Advisors, using their knowledge of the lands to aid in the war.

For the duration of the War, Herald stood beside the King and his court of advisors, dispensing information that had taken ages to acquire. Local myths, legends, rumors... The King wanted to know everything that would be of use. Libraries were emptied, their tomes and scriptures brought before the King to be perused at his leisure, and in the fray, much was lost. They had become little more than a tool. And as history has shown, tools that have lost their usefullness, are often thrown away.

When the War of the Legions finally subsided, the Heralds were of no more practical use, and were decommissioned; sent back to the dusty libraries from whence they came. But the guild remained. They sat in the background and watched idly as the Kingdom collapsed. They watched as the King was slain, and all that he surveyed plunged into Chaos. With the King's death, their tie to the Kingdom was severed, and they became autonomous, answering to no one but themselves. And thus began a period of renewal.

Since the dark days of the first War of the Legions, the Heralds have spared no expense at the acquisition of knowledge. They are in possession of the single most expansive library in Aabahran, overshadowing even that of the Tower of Savant's. Little passes by the scrutinous eye of a Herald, and the eyes of Herald are many.

Entrance Requirements

  Good Neutral Evil
Alignment x x x
  Lawful Neutral Chaotic
Ethos x x x

Races: All
Classes: All

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