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History / BeforeCataclysm

Ancient Times

Very little is known of time before the last Cataclysm, the only records which survived the last Triad reach only as far back as 100-70 BC though mention of far older times is made in them. It is known that for centuries before the Cataclysm a great and powerful civilization prospered on the surface of Aabahran. The single oldest mention of a city refers to the town of Anduin buried below the city of Caranduin and assumed to be dating back to over 2000 BC. The city of Caranduin and later on Thalos were centers of the pre-cataclysm civilization, in time where disease, sickness and evil was all but unknown on the surface of Aabahran.

100-20 BC

This period must have been a beautiful time. The cites of Thalos and Caranduin, were teaming with activity as nature and civilization came together. Most people found employment in the basic duties of life. Farming and carpentry and faith in the gods of Order and Life was at its highest. It was for this reason that the Seer Damnil was taken as no more than a madman. Once his studies of divination proved invaluable for adventurers, a distinct change in his attitude came about in his old age. He would gather large crowds and give fiery orations about meteors striking the land and the seas rising to touch the skies. After prophesizing the coming of a terrible plague of disease and death he was nearly stoned to death. He escaped Caranduin and lived his life as a hermit, preaching only to himself.

20-1 BC

With the forces of Life and Order so prevalent for countless centuries the power of Balance inevitably swung in direction of Death. With the Plane of Order drained of most of its strength and the Plane of Chaos in its peak, the powers of Dyphrities dwarfed the other moons. At the height of True Night of 20 BC a force of pure death was spawned by Dyphrities. Lacking the sentient mind of an Immortal and possessing the power greater then the most powerful of them The Nameless as it was called struck with its deadly fury against all that was Life and Order. Plagues of unheard of virulence broke out, while the earth spat forth living dead and whole hordes of shades, wraiths and deceivers entered Aabahran from the Limbo of Death. The forces of Life and Order rallied and for 10 years fought against the tide of Unlife. In the end they triumphed at a terrible price. Over 100 Clerics of Life sacrificed their own life and used their souls to bait The Nameless into the Pillar of Souls. Hewn from starstone and inscribed with runes by the great Archmage named Amedus Divinity the Pillar of Souls was capable of containing The Nameless’ power. It was buried far below ground on the Isle of Souls amidst the Dragon Sea, and the island was struck down from all charts and maps.

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