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History / BrambusGoesBlasting

It was mentioned by the Mighty Krounoi, in the hearing of Brambus, that he sought to have Wathok forge a blade of chaos and order, to seek a unity of the two to form something truly neutral. Unfortunately it seems Brambus took this as a command and begain to tinker with it himself. Thus on Eightday the 28th of Nature, 639 C.H. did he combine the two ( how he did this is a mystery to even the greatest of Mysterum). The results were not as he expected. When the Mighty Krounoi found him, after being shaken from his desk, burned and broken from the explosion, he took responsibility for the gnome’s actions, feeling himself at fault. After tending to Brambus’ wounds, he informed the world of the devastation wrought upon the once gentle plains south of Rheydin.

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