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History / IzlimaksRevenge

Ever since his ascension, Izlimak vowed to restore Order within the cities of Aabahran. Having founded the Tribunal, the Law was again enforced. This, however, was not the extent of Izlimak’s ambition. Val Miran, not really a city at all, had been overtaken by the very forests that surrounded it. Even Morien, former jailer of Val Miran’s Onyx Guard, was witnessed killing innocent travlers by the score. It had become the Wilderness. Miruvhor was infested with all manner of foul creatures. Legions of prostitutes, gangsters, pirates, thieves and undead called it home. Such was the nature of rule by the Syndicate, led by Chayesh’s chosen dark daughter, the Countess Messalantha. These beasts and scum marred all the remained of the former Emperor’s dream. Izlimak vowed this would not remain. Around 665 PC, the plans were put in motion. The streets of Miruvhor were cleansed of all but a few traces of Syndicate’s occupation. The tarnished alabaster and ivory towers of Val Miran were returned to their former glory. A new guard was formed in both cities to aid the Tribunal in maintaining Order; the Righteous Palm in Val Miran, the Crimson Guard in Miruvhor. At last, the three cities were united under one common banner, The Tribunal of Aabahran.

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