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History / KreyisTheSacrosanctBladeOfAabahran

On the Fiftday, the 35th of Nature (Summer) 625 PC

The god of the Forge, Wathok completed his first true weapon this day, Kreyis, the Sacrosanct Blade of Aabahran. His first weapon was made to fit the hands of all wielders and granted powers beyond that of most ordinary blades, yet its strength was not unmatched by other weapons. As Wathok’s purpose was to forge weapons and see them used, he sent his metal golem to Aabahran to grant the weapon to the mightiest of champions. The golem fell from the heavens crashing into the Elemental canyon where many of Aabahran came to see what had happened. The Warmaster Yehivelid attacked the golem to claim the weapon first, though why he didn’t just ask for it, no one is quite sure. In the end he felled the golem, with a little aid from Isadrian who seemed to seek the blade as well. The elf managed to grasp Kreyis before Yehivelid and thus a fight began, where Yehivelid fell and Kreyis The Sacrosanct Blade chose the elf Isadrian as its first wielder. Naturally the invoker tried to grant the blade a portion of his power, an action which Kreyis disapproved of and reduced the invoker to ash. Thus the weapon came to Merdien who soon found all manner of creatures were drawn to its power. Thus was the begining of Kreyis the Sacrosanct Blade, and its future was entrusted to mortal hands.

Unfortunately the draw of the blade was great and Wathok had forged it too well. It continued to draw all manner of creatures. Each wielder found themselves beset by beast foul and divine alike. While Wathok was thrilled with this side-affect he came to realize he had forged it too well. Thus did he reclaim the blade to work on unperfecting his works.

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