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History / PostCataclysm

30–70 PC

The civilization slowly recovered from the devastation of BloodLetting and a new town of Seringale was constructed not far west from the ruins of old Thalos. Yet for some reason the collective unconscious of society loomed with the deaths of millions above their heads. Life was more careful and less naive. Rulers were cautious and now a strong city included some sort of a military establishment. Scholars were also more treasured and those with wisdom began to conglomerate into small organizations. One such group was a proud lot whose name and ancient lore would survive for many ages the SAVANTS. One of the first men to rise to fame in the Savants was a mage by the name of Miruvhor. He was a greedy man, known to have a dark heart by those close to him. However, his greed behooved the reaches of human knowledge as he charged himself to study the times long buried. While searching the far reaches of wastelands, a group of his found some long buried tomes in an old shack. The name was translated to Damnil and they have been extensively studied since that time. Miruvhor himself proudly translated the first prophecy, which spoke of grand struggles ahead. Unfortunately, many still met these words with disregard and notable efforts were made to silence the Savant criers, which perhaps added to their culture of withdrawnness.

70-100 PC

As prosperity continued, suspicion continued to shroud those who used magic. Pretty soon, a few friends banded together and began to thwart these magi who walked the lands in arrogance, presuming to know of the world’s downfall. Believing themselves to be purity manifested, these brave warriors were viewed as champions for their early battles which completely drove the Savants’ headquarters from town. During their transition, the second and third prophecies of Damnil were translated, by Sepphuc the Chaste, Third Light of Miran and Baer Kan, Last Druid of the T’Gal Trea respectively. The prophecies continued to speak of a great toil between the Primes of Life and Death. The details of this upcoming struggle were kept as the Savants’ grand secret for many years. With the weather favoring the harvest and population growing, new towns popped up on previously barren lands. The city of Miruvhor was established on the east coast, its massive harbor opening trade into the lands beyond the Dragon Sea. As the population grew within the new cities crime reared its ugly head. For the first time, cities were so large that trust could not be maintained and disputes could not always be settled by the heads of state. Organized crime was born. Bandits became a common site out of town and for a while there was a shortage of grain to the far reaches of the lands as any caravan that crossed the Dragon’s Teeth Mountains would find itself ransacked and its good sold on the black market. To answer the pleas of the people, the Gods set down a few rules and gave power to chosen to enforce them. Hence, the cabal JUSTICE was born out of a need for security. In their empowerment, these men vowed to throw down their traces of morality and became servants of the law. Nobles and other royalty would have the power to amend and clarify these laws as the lands evolved.

It was also during this time that Immortals brought to life a swirling piece of pure magic. Mircea was created with the ideologies of magical dominance and power to control the Vortex of Magic. He was forced to bring power back to the name of magic and let those who did not study it sit in pure bewilderment at mere mention of its name. His deeds ranged from pure chicanery as he impersonated rulers and ordered heads to roll all the way to diversity as he leveled acres of Underground mines. With the knowledge he gained, the Savants gladly accepted him as a member and he rose to the top. For a while, not even Justice could withstand the devastating power of the Savants. They had been transformed from an arrogant group of lore-seeking mages to an even more arrogant band of mages, truly versed in battles of the mind. Try as they might, the warriors of the land found little cohesion more than friendship and something more was needed to balance the surge of magical dominance. When Chaos ensued the streets and people feared the Savants would conquer all, Athaekeetha once again appeared on the battle front. With the body of tempered steel and the mind of a thousand war lords, Athaekeetha emerged and set himself to unify the scattered tribes of warriors in the lands. With this, a war ensued for fifteen years. For a while, neither side was gaining ground. As word spread of these warriors, the soldiers of the land answered their cry and took it upon themselves to find perfection in combat against these mages. At the time, this event was called ‘the War’, and as masters of this war and for all those upcoming, they called themselves WARMASTERS.

100–125 PC

It was during this time that strange new races were spotted in the lands. Odd intruders in the form of Ogres who had come in from the Great Chasm, Werebeasts who slowly began to creep out of the forest, and Faeries from out of this world. The very first Faerie was an alluring petite creature by the name of Drenaar. Although her ways were new to the world, the very essence of magic was woven into the fabric of her being and she was immediately drawn to the bookish intrigue of Savants and pressed herself to protect magic. With the emergence of this faerie Drenaar, strange and grave occurrences soon began happening in the lands. Young children were said to shout unheard of obscenities. Dark clouds rolled in from the horizon and the seas slowly heated to a boil. As fiery meteors set fields of crops ablaze, all fingers pointed towards Drenaar. Try as she might to convince the people that this was not her sorcery, prophets and clerics began to rant and rave about how the heavens were angered. After about a week of this madness, Drenaar herself was captured by a small band of Chaos Demons to be carried away into the planar prison of Crypticant.

125–160 PC

With the recent reminder of the threat of Chaos, strong factions were reaffirmed. Lord Athaekeetha appointed his right hand in battle, Razkar, to lead the Warmasters and Raght took his place as the leader of Justice. The lands were still badly damaged and now was the time for healing. A man, pure of soul, emerged known as Cormac. (Some say that Cormac was born the child of Drenaar and Palison, although this may be just a rumor.) His jolly charms and strong faith in the Light earned the following of practically all of the lands, who were eager to follow someone that would strongly oppose any dark uprisings. Peace was the dominant cause in the lands as people begrudgingly returned the backlands littered with skeletons. A kingdom of Light ruled the lands, held in place by a gallant army of Knights whose initial purpose was little more than show and intimidation. As the lands rebuilt, things started to look normal and the inevitable criminals leaked back into society. Luckily, this was no serious threat.

It was not realized how quickly the people had become complacent until Cormac was assassinated in his own home. Even the heavens mourned as this devout follower of the Light was slain. Rumors swept the land of a second Bloodletting, started by this assassination that many believed was inspired by Virigoth. Fortunately, Raght came before the other Gods and insisted that the only way for the lands to survive was for the King to have no natural enemies. Palison still believed that a society of the Light was best, but Alexander rose up to meet Raght’s words and resided as the King of Thera. Ready to accept any excuse for peace, everyone could agree on a system that seemed to favor none- not even morality. To this day Justice stands with no inherent moral bias in the spirit of peace through balance. This was not enough for some, however. A Knight by the name of Sirant decided that more radical means were necessary to form the perfect society. He headed the KNIGHTS whose sole purpose in the lands was to return the Crown to the Light and pursue the glorious kingdom once felt under Cormac’s leadership. By their conception, Knights disagree on a fundamental level with the philosophies of Justice and small clashes seem unavoidable between these two. Fortunately for Justice, the Knights found their main opposition in a small band called CHAOS who seemed to not give up on the legacy of Crypticant, now called Shadowspawn. Near the end of this time, the Prophecy of the Rebirth was uncovered which spoke of another widespread battle between forces of Life and Death.

160–200 PC

Thus, the time rolled on and the cabals began to rise in power, yet a cautious eye was kept on the balance of opposing forces in hopes of keeping the Fourth Prophecy from coming true. As the cycles of time have shown, after the conflicts had simmered down life began to surge. The lands met many new faces. For the first time in a while, the likes of a Demon was spotted in the form of Miscreant. Soon after, another was born out of a human shell, this twisted aberration was called none other than Aberrant. With the aid of Falen and Parias, Chaos began to rise in the lands. Unluckily for the early people of the Fifth Age, Chaos seemed to find an ally in the Savants, who had some new blood as well in the form of Losigoth, Belgarath, and Kirdraxan. For a while Chaos and Savant walked in unison facing no opposition. As time continued, balancing forces came to play and the Knights constructed a new palace and began to induct some members. Although Elena and Echtelion were the first two, it was Orealt the third who was the first Knight and first Lightwalker to meet his pinnacle. The early battles were difficult for this mere toothpick in the eye of the chaotic storms, but reinforcements were soon underway. The other Knights reached their pinnacle and Aegir as well as Grumnor joined the cause. Ogres soon enlisted in the almost forgotten Warmasters. Grishnak and Smash were among the first to stand victorious against the early Savants. These wars were so dramatic that eventually the entire cabal was wiped out. The realm was in constant conflict as Knight fought Chaos and Warmaster battled Savant. The watchful eye of Justice soon ached to catch up as Rhuroerx, Trenchien, Equinox, and Andres enlisted to keep the streets safe.

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