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History / Pre-Shift

260–300 PC

As the third century reached its height, the world was filled with exploration. New colonies of creatures never before seen were discovered, and secret continents were found by tough, travel hardened adventurers. A noble house came to power in both Val Miran and Miruvhor, which immediately began a bloody feud between the two cities. Queen Lindsay, and the retired Justice turned Captain of the Guard, Lord Auric, secured the Throne of Roses in Val Miran, while King Hersnaie, Queen Calandra, and Prince Baekhar assumed the Dark Throne of Miruvhor, running unchallenged. A bitter rivalry between the two cities began, and soon, the entire faction of Justice was thrown out of Miruvhor, and a state of Martial Law was declared. As cities feuded for power, and armies of each were decimated by other armies, the citizens of these places gradually began to seek shelter in safer havens. The Drow City of Xymerria was opened, as well as the deep tunnels of the Western Underdark, long thought forgotten in the lands. Soon, more races followed. The Illithids moved deeper into the Underground, living inside a recently born hive. As the races began to leave the large cities, the Knights, exacting revenge for the recent death of Tamaneril, banded with the Justice factions. The entire city of Val Miran was besieged, and the evil factions were driven out. Former dark guilds were burned, and temple and squares where evil had once been prevalent were driven out.

Much of the evil fled northward, in the form of dark serpents, that took over the desert city of Falen Dara, slaying nearly all human life within, and declaring the city home to the Slith populace of Aabahran. The rest were driven eastward, into the Dragon’s Teeth mountains, where they finally settled. The city of Rheydin was born after years of hard work and construction. Rheydin opened its gates to the fleeing refugees of the still- burning Val Miran, and a new city, over twice as large as Val Miran, was born. A small faction of gnomes, finding peace within the region for the first time in many years, founded a small village to the south of Rheydin, and the city of Tarandue was born.

The factions of Light and Evil were now separated, once again, by the spans of the Dragon’s Teeth mountains, which ran north and south, slicing Thera in half. In the median stood the heavily armored gates of Rheydin, home to thousands of all creeds. As the houses feuded, and cabals vied for power, something lurked on the distant horizon, that could spell certain victory over the Darkness that had pervaded the lands for so long…

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