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History / TheBloodLetting

1–30 PC

With the powers of Chaos triumphant in the clash against Order, whole hordes of Demons, Shadowbeasts and other Chaos spawn entered Aabahran through the rift near Caranduin. Once a lush forest the land was now reduced to barren desert heavy with evil and tainted with Chaos. Led by an unimaginably powerful Demon called CRYPTICANT the armies of Chaos poured forth from the rift like an unholy tide. The city of Caranduin fell within a day with not a single living soul surviving the attack. Instead the taint of Chaos left the city a ghost town, its remaining citizens corrupted and twisted beyond redemption. From then CRYPTICANT rallied its forces and the tide of Chaos begun its march west towards Thalos and the heart of the civilization.

It was also during this time that a small group of Chaos’s scouts lead by a commander named VIRIGOTH happened upon a ruined mausoleum in area now known as the Isle of Souls. As the legend goes, the whole force was lost and the commander returned atop his mount. His pale complexion and glazed eyes, however, betrayed the fact that he seemed to still be alive. The commander was said to have returned to the Isle once more, with more men led by promises of treasure. What happened then is unknown but soon after VIRIGOTH arose as an Immortal with power equal to CRYPTICANT its power directly linked with The Nameless still trapped within the Pillar of Souls. Triumphant and with the ultimate force of Death behind it Virigoth unleashed the power of The Nameless and consumed the great fortress of S’handor within a single night turning it into a blighted place of Unlife and Death.

As if the carnage of the Chaos troops was not enough, this Virigoth brought more plagues on the land. Newborns and the elderly began to die in scores and incurable diseases swept the backlands. The very earth was in unrest as corpses were expelled from the ground. Before they knew it, the quickly dying population of innocents now had to face vampires, wights, zombies, liches, and arch-liches as the UNDEAD rose up to wage war against life.

The combined forces of Death and Chaos quickly forced all those who opposed them into a small territory around the city of Thalos. The air was putrid, the sun did not shine for months at a time, and the rivers ran crimson red with blood. All of Aabahran dreaded to speak of the time, but those who did would call it the BLOODLETTING.

The small stronghold contained all that remained pure and true. Among these men were RAGHT and PALISON. Together with the aid of the warrior ATHAEKEETHA, these three heroes fought bravely not for their respective beliefs in order, light, or war, but for the simple cause of Life. United in spirit, they fought the Undying and the Chaos scourge and inspired others to do so. They were recognized for the heroes that they were and rose to Immortality, to face their dark counterparts.

Driven by the anger and fury of seeing thousands of their brethren fall to these infernal darkwalkers, These new Immortals struck back against the very hearts of Death and Chaos on Aabahran. God wars ensued leaving ruins the size of valleys. Fortunately the Prime of Balance once again swung in favor of Life and Order began to rise. As Virigoth and Crypticant found most of their time invested in battling Immortals their armies grew weaker and disorganized. At last after a final battle in the very heart of Thalos which left the town in ruins, the Demon Crypticant was locked away in another plane and the rift to the Nexus sealed. Virigoth sensing the powers of Death faltering retreated into the darkness, but its presence was still looming in the background as RATHE was appointed to maintain his following.

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