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History / TheCataclysm

0–1 PC

As Aabahran's twisted fate would have it, the Seer Damnil was correct. Firstday the 1st of Life 0 BC brought ominous clouds on the horizon. The next three months brought nothing but stagnation and rumors exploded about the fury of the heavens. On the first day of the month of Chaos Lysenties and Nercuros rose from opposite sides of the sky and begun their trek across the sky as the Lunar Triad begun its first phase of alignment. By nightfall the three moons were nearly perfectly aligned. Shortly before midnight of 1st of Chaos 0 BC Lysenties, Nercuros and Dyphrities completed their alignment and the Lunar Triad was complete. There exist no records of what happened exactly, however it is known that a rift into the Nexus of Chaos was opened in the area now known a the Forsaken Land. Now a cursed desert, at the time of Cataclysm it was a lush forest. As the energies of Chaos lashed out from the Nexus and clashed against the power of Order the skies lit up with energy and lighting fell as rain might. Seas rose drowning the shore villages, and the Underdark filled with hot magma embalming the races residing there. Majority of the world's population did not survive the night.

When the day broke, the skies were as of molten metal and the ground rumbled and hissed with unnatural gasses. Black lighting arced from ground into the clouds in the Forsaken Land and strange bestial cries were heard in the Dragon Teeth mountains.

The BloodLetting had begun.

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