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300-310 PC

On the thirday the 23rd of Balance of 308 PC a purple streak of light was seen descending from the northern sky. Moments later a flash from the north lit the sky and the ground shook with a massive impact. Spurred on by the news from the Immortals of Life that a massive starstone has fallen in the lands of Winter, an expedition of Knights and Savants was dispatched. As they searched the lands for the location of the strange stone, more details about the recent events were uncovered. As the Dark Immortals sent forth their own minions to intercept the Knights and Savants, it was made known that the strange heavenly stone had the power to slay any Immortal even Virigoth itself. For months a bloody competition for the possession of the starstone ensued with minions of Light and Dark waging countless bloody battles as the artifact changed hands. Finally minions of Sirant managed to secure the prize within their Cabal and the dire news of impeding conflict shot through the lands.

Anticipation ran high as the skies remained silent. Weeks passed and turned into months as Sirant’s power toiled to prepare the starstone into an ultimate weapon. Meanwhile the dark gods sensing their power endangered prepared for the conflict that lay ahead.

In the second week of Death of 309 PC the sky above ValMiran became purple and rained blood as the ground split asunder and all manners of creatures of Death assailed the city. The forces of Death and Chaos have finally decided to force Life’s hand. As ValMiran was being brought to ruin around them, Virigoth and Sirant appeared in Central Square surrounded by various lower gods of Life and Death as well as Immortals of balance in form of Bryntryst and Avariel. As the ultimate powers of Life and Death prepared to battle, Avariel and Bryntryst attempted to reason with them, warning of the balance that must be maintained between the opposites of Life and Death. Ignoring them, Sirant and Virigoth clashed in battle which leveled the remains of the city. Their powers almost equal, with neither side being aided by forces of Balance the two Immortals fought for hours. Finally sensing the momentary weakness in Virigoth, Sirant unleashed the power of the starstone severing its link to the Nameless and mortally wounding the god of Death. Yet in his triumph Sirant underestimated the strength of Death and Decay and as Virigoth fell, Deezil fell upon Sirant’s back striking a foul blow which fell the god of Life even as Sirant lashed back disintegrating Deezil in a single blow.

With Virigoth oozing putrid black blood, and Sirant’s wounds laced with pure white light the two Immortals fell upon the ground and with their dying words summoned forth the mightiest of their mortals avatars to continue their battle.

Gorath the Lurker arose from the pool of black ooze where Virigoth once lay, and in a burst of blinding light Delvyn Keenen the Avatar of Light appeared in his form before his fall into darkness and chaos. With but a snarl from the hooded black figure of Gorath the two Avatars clashed as Life and Death battled on in the death throes of Aabahran.

As the two avatars tore into each other’s flesh, the most powerful of Immortals of Balance begun to recognize the first signs of the oncoming doom. With the Primes of Life and Death all but destroyed, the Arcane and Temporal forces around Aabahran were starting to quickly destabilize. The ground begun to shake, and the sky flashed with wild colors as time accelerated and halted in random spurts.

Suddenly a cry which no mortal throat could emit priced the scorched plateau that once used to be ValMiran. Delvyn’s sword still shimmering with power of Life has finally found its mark, and pierced the vile vampire’s chest reaching far into its heart. Yet the victory of life was short lived, though even as its body begun to turn to dust Gorath uttered a final curse and drawing itself up the blade sunk its vile fangs into Delvyn’s neck. Locked in this final embrace, the forces of Life and Death died in Aabahran even as Lycenties and Dyphrites begun to lose their orbital stability and slowly start to disintegrate.

Fiery rocks rained from the sky, and the seas rose into the heavens their water laced with fires of underwater volcanoes. The Underdark was engulfed in hot magma and the surface of Aabahran begun to rend itself asunder as the sky turned clear black showing the devastation of the moons above.

Knowing that the end of existence was at hand, the remaining immortals of Balance joined together and pooling their power begun to open a massive planar rift. This gateway, big enough for the whole planet to pass was their only salvation for the dying world. As the very last of the mortals died in fiery agony of the collapsing world Aabahran passed through the planar rift into adjacent plane of reality in the Multiverse.

The first Age of Aabahran came to its end on Firstday the 1st of Life of 310 PC.

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