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History / TheRestorationOfOrder

Since the destruction of Justice, lawlessness and chaos had reigned in the cities of Aabahran. While often there were rumors of various forces attempting to restore order and a number of organizations pledges to either help or hinder the forming Militia, these militia members were joined under Izlimak to bring order to the world again. While they grew quickly in number, their goals were loosely formed and until the coming of Tribunal they had no grounds to gather and do battle from. Yet upon the 57th of Life, 638 C.H. the Unliving Order called his Militia together and began to assemble the forces of Tribunal, who would bring order back to Aabahran. These daring followers were formed of previous Nobles and Justices combining their strength in a fashion none had ever before seen.

Those to first heed the call were: Bartodk Budokd the Mystic Defender of Peace, Elise Shaenor the Will of the Elven Empire, Branor Tsidkenu the Lion of Val Miran, Zimkista Mogtala the Orc Shaman, and Chrinchton the Last Voice of Law, Follower of a Forgotten Path. While others soon joined the banner, these were known as those who had held true to Order even while it seemed they had no hope.

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