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History / TheReturnOfCrypticant

200–220 PC

The tides of Death and Chaos seemed to recede until a Demonic temptress by the name of Adelyn showed up on the scene as the leader of Chaos. Initially wanting nothing more than to study the magics of Chaos, Adelyn grew to become Shadowspawn’s most devout. However, as Shadowspawn grew closer to leaving his banishment, Adelyn became nervous. One dark night, she summoned Orealt and Andres to her study. She had in her grasp the disc of black vellum the key to Shadowspawn’s release. Adelyn realized the horror this would cause upon the lands, so she hid it. It was not long before the omniscient reaches of Shadowspawn found the key. When tormented with questions, Adelyn broke down into tears and then boldly stood against the Demon, proclaiming her love for life and desire for knowledge, not furthering Chaos. In the midst of this confusion, Andres swiped the disc of black vellum and made a run for it. Adelyn was stripped of her Demonic vessel and banished to the land of mortality once again as an Elven paladin- doomed to be murdered by the Chaos troops she led not long ago. As time went on, Andres grew dreadfully sick from keeping the black disc. His once flaxen hair turned brittle and his eyes were bloodshot and swollen from lack of rest. Andres grew so weak, that a Demon proclaiming himself to be the son of Shadowspawn himself crucified Andres and swiped the disc. Orealt returned to the lands one day to be met by Adelyn in tears again. He soon learned that Andres was murdered for his disc and even worse, that Adelyn was raped by Shadowspawn and was the mother of this Malevolant the son of Shadowspawn! Blind with rage, Orealt charged towards the gate to the Nexus, ignoring Adelyn’s words of caution. Disgusted and guilt-stricken, Adelyn took her own life.

It was not long before Malevolant freed his father, who when freed became known as the Crypticant again. Malevolant rose to immortality as the leader of Chaos and the father and son of Chaos bargained with Virigoth to enlist its aid. Virigoth refused the aid leaving the powers of Chaos to continue on its own dark agenda of Death.

It was soon after that a hooded figure appeared on the horizon, seemingly impossible to defeat with a host of powers unheard of. This Lurker by the name of Gorath waged his mysterious war against Knight and Chaos alike, facing no defeats and sewing terror and fear in the living. The trend of Unlife seemed to pick up as another man returned power to the shamed name of Savants: Harishin. The first driving force seen in ages and without a doubt the most powerful Savant ever, this necromancer rose to the top lured by Virigoth into Undeath only to disappear into the shadows for reasons known only to himself.

Eventually, the Demon side of Miscreant began to recede and his puny human shell began to speak. A mutual pact of death was formed as both the mortal leaders of Chaos and Knight Miscreant and Orealt perished the same day as a tribute to the everstrong balance between the two forces. Soon after, Smash retired to a humble home in Marak as the first part of the third century came to close.

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