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History / TheRiseOfTheNewPantheon

As Irumeru battled against the Demon Suibremoront, the gods Caimor Chayesh and Malchaeius were faced with a problem. Chayesh, the supremity of evil in their plane of existance had destroyed their god of Light, Juvan, causing imbalance similar to that of Aabahran. As Irumeru claimed the power of the Pillar of Souls and reality shuddered from the beating, these deities searched for a way to save their world. Yet with all their power they knew that only the presence of a balancing force could save their world. The weakened barriers in reality allowed them to sense and observe Aabahran, and they saw a way to save themselves, and one of two worlds. These three gods used their power to move themselves between the worlds, and stopped Irumeru from destroying Aabahran. This shift in power and the weakened reality caused many unusual events to occur. The four gods represented Life, Death, Order and Chaos, thus bringing balance to Aabahran once more. During these events many other gods sprang into existance through various forces and means.

Born by the forces of Gaia that Irumeru’s purity nearly destroyed was the goddess Eshaine. The conflict around the world resolved itself into the force of Karalius. The strange forces resulted in the birth of Krounoi, some how a child of a maggot. The greedy nature of the conflict became embodied by the hooded Khaede. And a lonely mage, Anithraril, gathered great power becoming the representation of all magic.

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