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History / TheShadeWar

220-260 PC

The third century continued and the years tolled along, Aabahran remained in relative peace. The factions of CHAOS, once so dominant, eventually drew to a large scale stalemate with the forces of KNIGHT. But what brought about the new turning point within the lands was the appearance of a dark figure on the horizon one night, followed by hordes of thousands. In a large scale assault, armies of shades advanced into ValMiran and the surrounding territories. They seemed to appear from some strange and distant source, unknown to nearly all. They killed citizens of the lands in droves, and nothing seemed able to stop their unholy onslaught. Then, one day, a priest by the name of Vellencht came into some knowledge of these creatures. He fashioned an Amulet using strange stringents, and it seemed to repel the very creatures. Soon, he was selling these at the Temple of Darkness to any person who needed protection. Thus was the Dark Plan of Virigoth, to sell Amulets of the Nameless to any person, and in so doing, seal their soul. Soon, the shades slowly faded back into the shadows from whence they came. More information regarding the relationship between Virigoth and Nameless was brought to light, and Virigoth, eternally the Manifestation of Decay, was missing. Had he become this ‘Nameless’? Had this ‘Nameless’ vanquished him? It would be answered with the appearance of Rasep Dh’artep. A sinewy creature with four razor tipped arms, and an unholy skeletal face was soon seen about Thera. It hunted all with little abandon, and seemed to come from some deep and dark fissure beneath the Central Square of Val Miran. Thousands more were sent to their deaths as Rasep Dh’artep hunted with the Nameless as its Avatar. At this time, the forces of Virigoth learned the secret of the Soul Cubes, and in order to free their master from the Nameless’ treacherous grasp Maleki, Calandra, Hersnaie, and others were harvesting souls to aid in the freedom of Virigoth who it seems had been captured by the malignant force of Death.

Finally, with a massive concerted effort, the forces of Knight, combined with the faction of a Clan known only as ‘Hope’ was able to trap Rasep Dh’artep within a shadowy forest. Carnage and death ensued, and in the end, nearly all of the force was exterminated, but, so was Rasep Dh’artep. His body withered away to dust, and an ancient, untold secret was revealed to the world for the first time in thousands of years. The location of Pillar of Souls was once again marked on the Isle of Souls, and Virigoth released with defeat of Rasep Dh’artep became the guardian of its power and its prisoner.

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