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History / TheWarOfSubremoront

Some of the greatest tragedies in the history of Aabahran revolve around the fall of the gods of Light into evil. In about the year 500 PC, the once mortal god, LUQIN, surrendered his path of peace and compassion for that of evil. His body was twisted and his soul corrupted, and he became known as the Demon god Suibremoront, his body caging the shriveled soul of the once compassionate monk. The newborn demon grew in power and strength at an incredible rate, drawing the world into further chaos as those of the Light tried to free the soul of Luqin, and those of the dark to provoke further destruction. The Demon god’s purpose was to open portals to the demon realms, drawing out a horde of demons to wreak havoc upon the face of Aabahran. While many records were destroyed in the resulting conflict and turmoil, much is still known about the conflict that the Demon caused. The greatest foe of the Demon was the god Irumeru, who stood against the darkness. Unfortunately for the fate of Aabahran, the Demon’s strength was greater than Irumeru’s, and during one of their numberous battles, Suibremoront wounded Irumeru. As light poured from his wound, the Demon returned to his home, taunting the Light god, turning his forces loose upon the Knight’s castle.

Seeking to sway the war to his favor, the god Irumeru began to seek a relic of great power. It is unknown if this relic was found or not, but a great battle erupted in Val Miran as the Demon attempted to open his portals. The two gods battled as the world was swarmed by demonic forces, the faithful of these gods waging bloody war in the streets. It was perhaps this relic that saved Irumeru, who managed to cast down the Demon Suibremoront. Unfortunately the Demon’s magics, now unfocused, had an unpredictable effect, killing all the gods of the land save Irumeru, who survived.

While none knew it at the time, the powers of the gods require balance, for without this balance comes unpredictable effects. In this case, the god Irumeru, now unopposed, turned to eradicate all evil from Aabahran, focusing his power against the Pillar of Souls. This act began to destroy Aabahran, though Irumeru was blind to the consequences his actions could have. It was only the arrival of Caimor, Chayesh and Malchaeius that saved the world from total destruction.

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