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Immortals / Anume

When Sirant turned to the Dark many of his worshipers followed their god.
One among them was Anume, whom Sirant infused with part of his own might,
making her his dark Avatar. After Sirant had been slain by the old Pantheon
Anume was not killed but imprisoned behind two Seals below the tainted
fortress of S'handor. Centuries later a High Pries of the cult of secret
Sirant- worshipers, Lestinari, found the location of this prison and finally
managed to free her. She then gained the help of the Pentagram Sorcerer and
managed to empower herself into a goddess, using the vellum of the moons and
the Soul Forge. Her plans to gain supreme power by completely draining the
moons were thwarted however when the Pentagram Sorcerer was killed and the
Soul Forge destroyed. Anume came to an agreement with the Demon Lord,
Malchaeius and headed his army, the forces of Nexus for some time. Anume's
pleasure in torture of mind, body and even soul soon got her a dark reputation
and with the help of her Rune Magic she became patron deity of the Scourge.

Anume learned well from the Demon Lord, taking his motto "Fear, Hatred,
Betrayal" to heart and betrayed her patron when the chance arose: Having
convinced him to aid her bring back her former Lord, Evil Sirant, she caused
the Rift in reality to collapse the very moment Sirant had entered it and had
passed halfway through, thus destroying Sirant utterly and consuming most of
the ensuing power blast. "Never again will I serve", were her words as she
turned, half expecting an attack from the Demon Lord. Malchaeius however took
pride in this treacherous act of his star pupil, and even though vexed he was
also amused. Laughing, he disappeared from the scene of havoc wrought by the
collapsed rift. Whether he still plans to take revenge on this betrayal is a
matter of speculation that keeps Anume on her toes, never quite trusting anyone.

When Malchaeius focused on his plans in another plane of existence, Anume took
this chance to take full control of the Pillar of Souls and so became the
undisputed goddess of Death. Whether she came to an agreement with the
Pillar's former master, Chayesh, or whether she disposed of him in another
power coup, is not known. Fact is, that she came back from her expedition to
the Isle of Souls changed, more powerful than ever before.

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