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Immortals / Azravik

The story of Azravik remained a fable among the elves for centuries. A
prophecy once shared by a dying priest that quickly faded to myth. The
elves had all but forgotten the legend until the day that he arrived.
Rumors began to spread of a strange newborn child with the aura and touch of
master healer. Reportedly found within the dry fountain by one of the
temple acolytes, the story says that the fountain spouted fresh water for
days after.

The childs wisdom seemed only to be surpassed by his kindness toward others.
Seldom did the child speak and the legend grew that the prophesy had come to
pass and the empathic child of mercy had finally arrived. Stunning the
priests of the temple with his knowledge and wisdom as a mere boy, the child
thought to leave the elven city and show the world what compassion truly
meant. When the child stepped outside the city gates, darkness enveloped
the world, verifying the elven prophesy.

Unbothered by the spreading darkness, the child sensed a fundamental shift.
A subtle sway in the underlying power that flows within the world. He felt
the gentle heartbeat of every living thing, it beat in cadence beckoning him
toward destinies embrace. He followed its resounding cacophony to the steps
of a large castle in the north. The seers of the Castle knew him at once as
the child they had been expecting for eons.

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