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Immortals / Cyros

Cyros was born the bastard son of a whore. Lost to a wager as debt to a
card game. Raised as a slave and trained in the arts of deception, theft,
and assassination. No lock was unbreakable. No bounty unobtainable. No
lie that couldn't be sold. He became the most infamous story and the
shadows were feared. Children would ring the fox's bell three times at
night chanting his name.

The fox was so cunning he was also noticed by something else. Something
much darker than anyone could have imagined. Cyros disappeared from the
streets for quite some time. His name became only wives tales told to scare
young children from the alleys. Cut throats and drunken thugs began to
sloppily take over the mayhem in his absence as his memory passed.

Rumors of a pair of blinking eyes with a razor sharp smile staring from the
darkness began to emerge once more. Cyros had been abducted to the shadow
realm by his new master. He trained in the dark arts and was infused with
the magic of the black mask. Guile had adopted him as child and dispatched
him to Aabrahan as it's own embodiment.

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