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Immortals / Erelei

Born of the blood of two gods. Not many can make such an unbelievable
statement and be believed, however, there's one where such a thing did
actually take place. A fight between two gods who controlled opposite
forces of Death had created the exact formula to create a third immortal,
one completely unlike both of its predecessors.

Morlhach had in ages past stolen a part of Anume's power at the death of
Ordaran; a piece of power that was supposed to finish the trinity of
power she once held before. In time, Anume had devised a plan, and had
finally decided to strike to gain this power back, just as she had done
with Ordaran before.

Unfortunately, Morlhach was much stronger than Ordaran, though Anume
stronger still, and it took many moons for the end event to come to pass.
Anume and Morlhach fought for what seemed days across the Winter Barrens
and across Aabahran's skies as Anume continued to inch closer to her
victory. After every battle, Morlhach grew weaker, and in a deft attempt
to remain alive when Anume finally immortally wounded Morlhach, he
passed into a mortal's mind and hid.

This powerful strike that forced Morlhach into hiding came at a cost to
both of the gods. Blood from Anume intermingled with Morlhach's blood,
creating a homunculus. This homunculus was void of emotion and had no
idea right from wrong, but it was powerful. A blank slate, if you will,
the previous holder of the Mantle of Purity, Drokmar, made his move to
push the Agenda of Purity onto the homunculus.

The powers of Death knew of its travesty, and tried to right itself.
And they almost won, if it weren't for a powerful Avatar, and his friend,
a Tribune. They both put their lives before the homunculus and saved it,
keeping it from the grasps of the powers of Death that it was born from.
The homunculus still had no name, but it would suddenly realize itself,
and follow Drokmar into taking the Mantle he had left empty all those
years before.

Eventually, Morlhach was killed by another mortal as he vainly attempted
to control a mortal's body and corpse. The power released by Morlhach
immediately returned to Anume, but there was still power to be had. The
power of anger, which instead channeled into the homunculus, giving him
what he needed to become aware. Erelei was then realized, his power
molding him into what is known today: the Mantle of Purity.

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