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Immortals / Kassieti

The Great Library is vast and nobody is entirely sure where the bird came
from or how it got there. Some believe it a piece of Nercuros, broken free
from the moon during one of the many meteoroid impacts upon its surface.
This piece eventually fell to a remote part of Aabahran and was eventually
covered by time deep below the surface. Even buried as it was, the call
from this piece of the Prime of Balance was felt and to it came many from
both aspects of life. People settled nearby, drawn to the spot where the
impact happened. They built a town above just as another creature burrowed
a cavern below. To this end, the balance was preserved until those living
in Anduin left it abandoned. Eventually, another city was built on top of
the first. Life and order prospered on the surface once more while Shudde
M'ell lived on below until Caraduin too, was set to ruin.

It was only the contingent of archaeologists sent from Khorandain that dove
into the earth there, who found that which was so long ago buried. In their
excitement in discovering what they thought to be a new type of stone, they
salvaged what they could and sent it back to Khorandain as quickly as
possible. There, it was categorized, mislabeled and set upon a stonemason's
bench to build to be made into a statue for the library that was being built
to the east. So he set upon the rock, chiseling pieces off until it took
the shape of a bird he saw long ago on an island in the Dead Sea.

At first, it sat in the chambers of the Historians. After a time it was
passed down to the Academicians. Eventually it made its way in the back
corners of the library to gather dust. It sat there feeling the shifts of
balance, back and forth until the balance tipped often enough. The Long
Night turned to be the final straw and the statue moved ...

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