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Immortals / Razozuul

- An excerpt from the Compendium Daemonium -

Invokation: Ra-Zo-Zuul
Sigil: A weeping eye with a spiraling pupil.
Conjuration Ritual: Unknown
Banishment Ritual: Unknown

This name has not successfully been conjured using any traditional means of demon summoning.
All attempts have lead to the banishment of the conjurer with no trace of the demon. It is said the
entity known as Razozuul appears to those whom are weak, sick, hopeless, or lost in their way.
The entity is known to take many forms to lure the unwitting into sacrificing their faith, morals,
or other aspects of themselves unto it. It is known to take human form when it travels within the
lands, its true form is unknown. There are no accounts of a true encounter of this entity, and its name
is one forsaken by all practitioners of demonology due to its mysterious nature. It is rumored that
this entity is a duke in the infernal rift and a legionnaire of the demon lord, Volgathras.

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