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Immortals / Rygothran

Born ages ago to the five headed dragon Illithranna, the young blue
dragon Rygothran was troublesome from the time he hatched. His mischievous
ways often made other dragons shun him and so he often ventured away from
the Dragon Tower. While away from the tower, he took the form of a young
halfling man so he was able to commingle with other races and swindle many
out of their riches. Due to this, Rygothran began to accumulate a hoard of
treasure at a very young age, but the blue dragon was never content with
what he had.

As Rygothran grew in age his obsession with hoarding treasure only grew. He
began to seek an ancient artifact that would grant him power over other
dragons. He believe this would allow him to take their possessions as his
own. After a century of searching he found texts that spoke of the artifact
deep being within the earth. Knowing he could trust no one with it, he
transformed into his halfling form and went in search of the artifact.
Years passed and the dragons believed Rygothran gone forever until he
emerged with the ancient dragon orb.

The blue dragon immediately began using its power, debilitating even the
most power of dragons while his draconian minions raided their hoards of
treasure. Rygothran amassed more wealth in gems, gold, artifacts, and other
trinkets than any other dragon alive or dead. He went so far as to claim
that he was the king of all dragons. Yet... It was still not enough to
sate his desire and so he turned his greedy eye upon his own mother,
Illithranna. What Rygothran did not know was that his mother and many other
dragons were already forming an alliance against him.

Illithranna had convinced many of the more powerful dragons within the
Dragon Tower that Rygothran must be stopped. Together these dragons formed
a council in order to bring down the troublesome blue dragon. It was clear
that killing him would not be possible as long as he possessed the dragon
orb. Due to this fact, it was decided the best course would be to use
Ryhothrans greatest weakness against him, his insatiable greed. Together
the council formed a plan.

False rumors were spread of a vast hoard that Illithranna kept somewhere
in the west of Aabrahan. It was not long before Rygothran heard the rumors.
So blinded by his obsession, the king of dragons did not even consider his
mother would betray him. The council watched with amusement as he departed
the Dragon Tower immediately after hearing the rumor. While Illithranna
felt a pang of regret that her once mischievous son would soon be trapped
for an eternity, she knew there was no other choice.

The cave was found within days and Rygothran was salivating at the thought
of all the hidden treasure he would acquire. With haste he maneuvered
through the large tunnels towards what he thought was a hoard. He came upon
a large cavern and as he crossed it to the cave on the opposite side he hit
an invisible barrier blocking him from leaving the cavern. At first he was
confused, then he looked above his head and noticed the runes carved into
the ceiling of the cavern. He tried to return the way he had come, but it
was of no use. Rygothran was trapped within the large cavern with a
powerful enchantment.

Years passed as he tried every way possible to escape the invisible barrier.
Defeated, Rygothran entered a deep sleep as only dragons know. As the
centuries went by, the dragon orb that Rygothran still possessed slowly
sucked the power from enchantment to sustain the blue dragon. In its
weakened state it was not able to handle the abuse from above as a siege
laid waste to the city of Val Miran which had been built above the cave. As
the siege engines slowly destroyed the walls of the city, so too did his
prison get damaged.

As the cavern started to come down upon him, Rygothran woke and felt a great
relief watch over him. At first he believed at long last that the dragons
were freeing him from his prison. Until the moment the cavern collapsed on
him and sent him into a great rage. Newly freed, the blue dragon flew from
his destroyed prison and took his rage out upon the besieged city of Val
Miran. As he flew away from the destruction he had precipitated, Rygothran
knew the dragon orb had transformed him over the centuries. He had become a

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