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Immortals / Ulmusdorn

The Cataclysm ended 100 years before leaving the world now locked in a
vicious war. Gaia pushes to reassert the balance after the many grievous
wounds inflicted on Aabahran. Wild magics released in the Cataclysm resulted
in the appearance of many new races never seen before in Aabahran. Ents
added to this mix and were a result of Gaia seizing some of this wild power
for Her own design. Driven by need, Gaia's plan was to create Guardians to
protect, to encourage and later to guard the woods and glades. Vital in
their task as the forests were to sustain much of the life on Aabahran.
Created by harnessing this potent magic, Ents were given life and cognizance.
Charged with one task and formed with a purpose they nurtured the land. To
create the Ents, Gaia selected only the oldest of trees, living wood deep in
the deepest Dark Heart of the forest for she knew that the magic was wild,
unweildly, raw and difficult to control. Only a select number could be
created safely. Ulmusdorn was one of those selected few created as a
Guardian from the living wood. A true Ent. A being of thought and
understanding, caring for the will of Gaia.

The Warmasters fought the Savants, back and forth in great battles during
this period and many's focus was elsewhere allowing Gaia to steadily work
away at Her own divine plan. Time marched on as it inevitably does, a stream
that cannot be halted even by the hands of the Gods. As the world balanced
itself Gaia's potency waned. The magics released by the Cataclysm began to
diminish, captured and used or merely dissipating with time. Her time and
energy spent, Her Guardians fulfilling their duties the balance returned.
Eventually the need for Her presence was called elsewhere. The Ents began
to lose their purpose, their potency. Without direction and Her spirit
they began to loose their way. The woods flourished. The trees grew. The
glades swelled. Their need diminished. Soon the Ents halted their
activities. Content with the results of their work and happy to let it
flourish. As Gaia's power left to be focused elsewhere so did their
cognizance, their life sustained by Her need.

In Her absence she was wise to select new extensions of Her will. Many have
been called, Eshaine, Roykagh, Grimulfr. Some were called away. The need
of Gaia greater in other lands distant beyond our shores requiring Gaia
gather her strength, calling all her champions away to face some great and
deadly foe. Aabahran languished. Her faithful continue small struggles
against mortared stone and undead alike but Gaia is content to focus her
attentions elsewhere. Pestilence spreads over thousand year woods. Death
selects her champions and the light counters with Avatars. A new Guardian
is needed. One of old blood. One who has been here before. She knows a
place in the Dark Heart. Where one waits, Ulmusdorn, once Guardian, now
needed again and awakened in an age where the moons align once more and the
prophecies whisper of a second cataclysm.

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