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Immortals / Volgathras

In an age long past, in a world removed from our own, the demon now known
as Volgathras lived as a warrior and favorite of the king he served.
Legions were gifted to him, to command as he desired in the pursuit of
wealth, women, and land.

But those corporeal things held no interest for him. The need to lose
himself in the chaos of battle spurned his greed. So consumed was he with
blood-lust that even his own troops were forfeit. Often he would steal in to
an officer's tent, ending them with an enemy's blade. Then, he would revel
in the bedlam.

It did not take long for the Vassal Lord of that world, Ghalgothal, to take
notice. The fiery Balor snatched him away in to the rift, where
unimaginable torments twisted Volgathras sanity. His fractured mind fed on
the bliss of anarchy, wanting more. Always wanting more.

Volgathras served as Ghalgothal's minion for an eon. The young demon did
his time, awaiting the perfect opportunity to strike, when his master was
weakest. This opportunity came in the form of a lost treasure, the blade of
tempered chaos. It was a weapon made for the sole purpose of spreading
disorder. And there was no better way to cause disorder than regime change.

The sentient blade bound itself to Volgathras, finding in the demon a vessel
worthy of it's power. When the Balor returned to it's home in the rift, he
was waiting. A single stroke, and Ghalgothal was slain.

Volgathras chose for his spoils the very essence of the Balor. He consumed
the souls that composed him. But that was not enough. More was always
needed. Thus did Volgathras move through the rift, challenging and
devouring the most powerful demons he encountered.

Once Malchaeius abandoned Aabahran to it's fate, Volgathras watched from the
fiery abyss. He waited as Molokhan took power, waited as the new Demon Lord
revealed himself. And then he struck, cutting Molokhan down with his cursed
blade. As his latest victim collapsed in to the folds of the Rift,
Volgathras took his place upon the throne of chaos.

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