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Immortals / Zoichan

Finally the days of torture were over. From being dismembered and put
back together countless times to being stuffed in a jar typically reserved
for jellies and jams, Zoichan has seen the end of his harrowed being. She
brought him pain whenever possible. It was why Zoichan was allowed to exist
after betraying Her, siding with Ordaran in his attempted coup. In his own
mind, Anume's amusement was the last saving grace he had. Her gifts were as
numerous as the creative ways she found to cause him agony, which left him
loyal... Until...

It was the last straw. She took away the gift he had treasured the most.
The gift of everlasting life, or death depending on how you see things. She
made him human. Mostly at least. Then she branded him so that he would
never forget who's he truly was. She forced him to experience emotions he
long forgot, causing him to feel love, pity, amusement and even sorrow.
There was no doubt in his mind that Anume had her hand in the death of his
loved one, Lillithiri. So he began his plotting to remove himself from her
service. He sought audience with demons and was rejected. He petitioned
the Archfiend, and was ignored. He attempted to entreat Savants with known
ties to those who would side with him against Her, but in the end he found
himself once again disappointed in the results.

Then by chance, or by a cosmic joke, Zoichan's innermost desires manifested.
Once again, like so many times before, he was ripped from the mortal plane
and placed before an ominous divan. Out of options he did what he did best,
standing as if he had the high ground and demeaned his Mistress to her face.
Demanding that the brand be removed, and that he be free from her torture.
Tempers flared, rage flew, and through it all a wicked smile remained on Her
lips. The torture continued. His body ripped apart once again, assembled
in a mass of bone and rotted flesh resembling more of an animal than man.
Eventually Her amusement in forming him into various shapes and sizes
subsided, and she moved to the main event. She reached out and caressed his
neck, power flowing from Her very touch. Every ounce of willpower collapsed
under the weight of her touch, as she increased the bond between Herself and
Her familiar. Suddenly the malicious smile was gone from her lips, just a
fraction of a moment before the room seemingly expanded and contracted at
the same time. When Anume roused herself from being thrown back from the
force Zoichan Anthala was still there, but now the thin grin was his as he
vanished in a swirling mist.

Whatever caused the disruption of power is still unknown, assumed to be an
oversight in the Dark Lady's spell to increase her hold over Zoichan.
Though to this day Zoichan still has that thin grin upon his lips, believing
that he finally bested her. Maybe, his confidence in the matter would
waiver slightly, had he heard her words before she allowed her body to
dissipate into shadow after his departure, a softly uttered, "Well, that went
better than I'd have thought."

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