Useful Info

Races / Avatar

Alignment : good
Ethos : lawful, neutral, chaotic
Max Stat : STR: +1 INT: +1 WIS: +1 DEX: +1 CON: +1
Classes : Per base race
Size : Per base race
Vuln : Per base race
Resist : Per base race
Immune : Per base race


Avatars are creatures of the light, who fight the evil who engulf the lands. They are the most elite of those who fight for the Light. Avatars are messengers of Irumeru, and are avenging angels of sorts. They are created to battle Chaos with divinity, and are the chosen emissaries of the God of Purity himself. Granted with their path come several strong abilities and enhancements that grant them great strength over Demons, and other Darkwalkers. If you are truly divine in nature, and feel you exemplify the true virtues of the light, scribe a well written application to Immortals stating your history and which events shaped your life to motivate you. Brave souls of any rank are welcome to apply, so long as they believe their presence in the lands is worthy of this highest honor.

Quest Race Requirements

Classes: All.
Races: All.
Level: 15-30.
MUST INCLUDE WORDS "avatar application" in application subject

  • Must be good aligned
  • Must be ruthless (help ruthless)
  • Must be follower of the way of Purity and powers of Life
  • Must have killed at least one player (pk).
  • Must have a minimum of 20 rp points.
    • (Note: Any qrace/class character that falls below this rp point minimum requirement runs the risk of losing their character.)
  • Must have a completed character history (help history)

You must send a scroll of application to Immortal, scribing of your history, goals, and any deeds you think may help your chances to be approved. The scroll must bear the title which includes words avatar and application or it will not be considered. If your scroll is approved you shall be made to know what else is required of you.

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