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Races / Elf

Alignment : good
Ethos : lawful, neutral, chaotic
Max Stat : STR: 18 INT: 25 WIS: 20 DEX: 23 CON: 16
Classes : Warrior, Ranger, Paladin, Thief, Ninja, Cleric, Invoker, Battlemage, Bard, Blademaster
Size : Medium
Vuln : Iron
Resist : Charm
Immune : None


A very intelligent and wise people, elves have long been prosperous and are known to live long lives. Records can be found that dictate how the first elves lived within the great forest of Danatha'nir which stretched from the Dragon's Teeth Mountains east to the Dragon Sea. Within the heart of the forest was their grand city, Alfinsham. It was a city of trees which allowed the elves to live in harmony with Gaias children. As the elven generations became more numerous, the city split into two cities, Ossinsham in the East, and Greginsham in the West. All was peaceful for the elven cities until the time of the sundering, when the hated drow turned on their surface kin, slaughtering all they could find. The devastation was so thorough that nothing of the city of Ossinsham remained but rubble.

The surviving elves fled toward the West, and new borders for the elven kingdom were established. The elves gave the eastern region of Danatha'nir a new name, calling it Miden'nir, the bloody forest in honor of the dead. At this time the corruption and taint of the Forsaken desert began to encroach on the western fringes of the Midennir. Many of the elf refugees found a home in the forests near the city of Val Miran, while others found a place within the valley north of the current city of Maelbrim. The elf king also took flight from the encroaching taint and had a city built near that valley, called Shasarazade, Stormhaven in elven tongue. Rightfully named for an infestation of goblins.

lived in the mountains leading to the valley. The Goblin wars, in which elves and goblins fought and fell in battle over the valley lasted over a decade until finally the elves emerged victorious and claimed the valley with the completion of the city. The elves that lived within Greginsham knew no such victory as they were ousted from that once great city by a horde of orcs who outnumbered the elves. It was there that the great elf king Silandriel Escabrai was slain by the orc chieftain Grugar. However, his sacrifice gave the elves a chance to save themselves as his last blow felled the orc chieftain even as his head was cleaved. The remaining elves retreated to the city of Shasarazade where the last bastion of the elvenkind stood.

It wouldnt be until around 900 P.C. that the elves were truly assailed again. At the beginning of what would later come to be called the Age of Suffering, a seemingly neverending Darkness, Famine and Disease devastated Aabahran. The Duke and Duchess of Shasarazade had fallen gravely ill, leaving the Elven Nation leaderless in this dire time. Things turned from bad to worse, when the proud neighbours of the elves, the minotaurs, declared war on the elven nation, feeling slighted by the elven priests and having been urged on by the agents of Nexus. Leaderless and still in disarray in the aftermath of an enormous earthquake Shasarazade war raised to the ground, the elves scattered to the four winds.

It was in this dire time that the elven Princess Orelinde, who had been preparing for the prophesized peril to come in secret, stepped forward to lead her nation and start rebuilding what later would get to be called the Elven Kingdom. When the Second Cataclyam was upon Aabahran, torments stalked the lands again and the Demon Lord Malchaeius was about to bring an army of fiends through a rift of enormous proportions, the princess Orelinde held a key position in the events that thwarted these ambitions.

Several decades later the valiant princess was abducted by the Prince of Shadows, Brehan, and barely escaped the fate of being sacrificed to the drows dark spider goddess Lloth. Shaken, but not broken, the princess returned to the Elven Kingdom where she still rules now, protected by the Bloodsworn, an elven elitist bodyguard that will only accept battleproven candidates of the purest linage and finest breeding.

Usual Height:

Elves are slightly taller than humans, but have a much lighter build.


The Elven Kingdom


Elves are known to be devout worshippers of the various gods of Light as well as of Yaegar the saint. Many are also known to follow the different paths that are focused on nature and magic. It is very unlikely that any elf would wander along the religions of darkness, for only their kindred the drow would have the gall to.

Physical Features:

Elves more closely resemble humans than any other beings. They are slightly

taller than humans, but have a much lighter build. They lack the strength and stamina of the other races, but are far more agile, both in body and mind. Elves are superb mages and thieves, but have at best fair talent as warriors or priests. Another main difference to the humans is that they all are born with ears that come up to a point; they also generally allow their hair to grow well below the shoulders. Elves have been known to have different pigments of skin color depending on where they live. The touch of iron is said to burn their skin as it is one of the most basic of elements and is deemed to be used for crude works and weapons. Elves are notoriously hard to spot. They are adept with the ability to sneak and see in the dark. Elves resist charm spells most effectively, due to their magical nature.


The largest concentration of elves can be found in the Elven Kingdom, known as the last bastion of elvenkind. The current ruler is the Princess Orelinde who daily combats an intrinsic web of enemies and spies who constantly search for weaknesses in order to cripple the already declining population. Elves are very creative and social beings, they tend to keep to themselves but constantly watch the politics of the nearby cities of Maelbrim and Val Miran. Elves value tradition and their ancient lore, being very long-living they often deem the short-lived races fickle and intemperate.

Relationships with Other Races:

The elves have been at war with various races, the last of which being a war with the minotaurs. Most consider half-elves to be loathsome abominations, at best deserving their pity, at worst their ire.Their underground cousins, the Drow however, are their only mortal enemies and will generally attack and be attacked on sight.

The race closest to the elves have always been men as elves have felt that hope for the future will always lie on them, being the most numerous race. Elves are also fond of Halflings in a patronizing sort of way and conduct friendly relations with the blue Slith.

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