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Races / Gnome

Alignment : neutral
Ethos : lawful, neutral, chaotic
Max Stat : STR: 18 INT: 23 WIS: 25 DEX: 18 CON: 18
Classes : Warrior, Ranger, Thief, Invoker, Battlemage, Bard
Size : Small
Vuln : Charm
Resist : None
Immune : None


The exact date of the appearance of gnomes in the lands of Aabahran is widely disputed. Preferring underground burrows or remote woodlands to bustling cities, the existence of gnomes was rumored for years before it was widely acknowledged and believed. Due to their short stature and often unkempt appearance, they were often confused with other small creatures in the woodlands.

One gnome who has gained fame beyond others is Brambus the inventor. Known for devising some of the most cunning and useful devices existing in Aabahran, Brambus has established himself as the premiere inventor.

It was mentioned once by the Mighty Krounoi, in the hearing of Brambus, that he sought to have Wathok forge a blade of chaos and order, to seek a unity of the two to form something truly neutral. Unfortunately it seems Brambus took this as a command and began to tinker with it himself. Thus on Eightday the 28th of Nature, 639 C.H. did he combine the two; how he did this is a mystery to even the greatest of the Mysterum, the results were not as he expected. When the Mighty Krounoi found him, after being shaken from his desk, burned and broken from the explosion, he took responsibility for the gnome's actions, feeling himself at fault. After tending to Brambus' wounds he informed the world of the devastation wrought upon the once gentle

plains south of Maelbrim. After this unfortunate accident Brambus started to move between the city of Tarandue, where his famed transpectrogrampher is located, and his newly created workshop to the south of Maelbrim. Built above a field of melted boulders, the location was chosen for its solitude, should any future experiments go similarly awry.

Usual Height:

Gnomes come in varying shapes and sizes, though they are usually about 3 or 4 feet tall. They are similar in size to dwarves, though slightly shorter and not as stocky.


The primary gnomish center in Aabahran is the city of Tarandue. Located south of the sprawling city of Maelbrim, the citizens of Tarandue prefer a balance between farmlands and an urban city. This is unsurprising due to their native environment. While the city has grown over the years, many gnomish populations still prefer isolated burrows with either a small community or one family.

The city of Tarandue has invited several of the guilds of Aabahran to establish centers within its boundaries, and the practice grounds overseen

by the trainer Randall are a frequent stop among those starting out within their guilds. The south of the town bears an eclectic market, as should be unsurprising given gnomish taste.


Gnomes are not known to have a centralized religious body. Usually the religious views or orientations of a family are decided within that group alone. Unsurprisingly, gnomes do not frequent the halls of the communers. Gnomes prefer to place their loyalty in their inventions and friends.

Physical Features:

Gnomes are short and slightly more rotund when compared to human proportions. Often having thin legs and a more pronounced torso, gnomes prefer not to travel long distances at any one time. Most gnomes appear somewhat untamed, though this could be easily attributed to a frequent forgetfulness of such mundane things as bathing and grooming, when there are inventions to be made and puzzles to be solved. Having eyes that are proportionally twice the size of a human's, many describe gnomes as having a curious look. They generally have large noses and rough skin, while their ears are rounded as opposed to pointed. They are known to have any variety of hair color.


Not valuing a hierarchical society, gnomes place little stock in the notion of kings and generals. Instead, they place decisions in the hands of their elders. Respect in gnomish history was generally gained by the greatest inventors. Gnomes are known for their skill in working with gadgets and devices. Innately born with tact and cleverness, gnomes like to amiably compete in their wit and inventions.

Gnomes live in a fairly equitable society where cleverness, wit, and intelligence are measured beyond brawn. Many amuse themselves by dabbling in magic. Being naturally peaceful creatures, they generally avoid conflict whenever possible. Younger gnomes are known to rigidly respect the views of their family unit and elders. Because of their peaceful nature, they have found great knowledge in the ways of the world, and are the wisest of all Aabahran's races. Gnomes are a contemplative lot, thinking of this and that, and due to their daydreaming nature, they are vulnerable to the two types of attacks that assault the mind, Charm spells and Mental spells. While gnomes aren't concerned so much with societal advancement technologically, they love to invent and try different things. Not afraid to look foolish, gnomes tend to be cheery and amusing.

Relationship with other Races:

Due to their peaceful nature, gnomes generally get along quite well with most of the other races of Aabahran. Notoriously gullible and trusting, gnomes are often easily beguiled. This often results in the darker inclined intelligent races as Drow or Illithid using gnomes for their own goals. Gnomes and Halflings get alone especially well; they share physical similarities as well as a general cheerfulness and a fondness of good food and drink.

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