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Trained by the Order of Crusades these mighty men and women of the One God, travel through Aabahran helping those in need, avenging wrongs done, and Crusading against those whom would seek to harm the less fortunate. Honor, Valor and above all Modesty are their virtues, requiring a Crusader to act as priests first then warriors, without the easy miracles of common deities.

Crusaders are warriors who have chosen to use Faith as the focus for their skills, at times honing them to such degree that their feats all but surpass the mortal realm. As they progress through ranks they are offered choices in skills, these choices in turn affecting what other skills they will have available in future. The end result of this process is that no two Crusaders are alike, as the choices they make often drastically affect the things they may excel or do poorly in.

Rejecting delicate and non direct methods of combat, they relay upon brutal combination of skill and strength combined with legendary arts of weaponcraft and armorcraft which allows them to excel in combat against single or multiple opponents. Experts of two handed weapons, they never use shields relying instead on armors so thick and heavy that legends have been sung about their ability to wade through battle unharmed by blows of ordinary blades. They carry weapons consecrated to their god which increase in power as the Crusader fulfills his duties to the Order. These holy weapons seem to withstand the most brutal of modifications and many a foe has been brought to his knees by a mere sight of a blade bristling with gleaming edges, barbs and hooked guards leveled at their chest.

The Crusader's focus upon the matters of faith and their virtues of Modesty, Compassion and Valour not only requires them to forsake personal goals when asked for help by those in need, but the Order of Crusades forbids them to bask in large number of rare or unique adornments upon their armor. This severely limits the number of such items they may wear or carry.

Quest Class Requirements

Classes: Warrior, Paladin, Berserker.
Races: Elf, Half-Elf, Human, Storm Giant.
Level: 50.
MUST INCLUDE THE WORDS "crusader application" in application the subject


  • Must be good aligned
  • Must be ruthless (help ruthless)
  • Must be follower of the One God
  • Cannot be an Avatar
  • Cannot be member of any cabal
  • Must have killed at least one player (pk).
  • Must have a minimum of 20 rp points.
    • (Note: Any qrace/class character that falls below this rp point minimum requirement runs the risk of losing their character.)
  • Must have a completed character history (help history)

You must send a scroll of application to Immortals, scribing of your history, goals, and any deeds you think may help your chances to be approved. The scroll must bear the title which includes words crusader and application or it will not be considered. If your scroll is approved by the Order of Crusades you shall be made to know what else is required of you.

When you become a Crusader, you will be reduced to the first rank of the Order of Crusades, with applicable abilities, HP, mana and moves. Any skills which you may be allowed to use in future will be kept, all others are forgotten.

Skills Kept Depending on Profession:

Paladin: Scrolls.
Berserker: Roar.
Warrior: Whip.

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