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Human and Werebeast.


Druids are the purest embodiment of nature. The live to serve only Gaia, the Earth Mother, and are perhaps some of the most ancient of the sages in Aabahran. By nature, Druids are communers, as they use the forces of the Forest to cast their own spells of protection and healing. Powerful healers and quite knowing of the ways of natural herbs and healing remedies, a Druid is a very smart companion to know, as they can provide certain types of healing even those of the Healer profession cannot.

Druids are the predecessors of the modern Ranger class, and while they have many of the same combat abilities, they are much more aloof, and clerical than the fighting class of the Ranger. Please note that as their spells are clerical in nature, should you choose either the Atheism or Agnostic religions, you will not be able to commune your spells.

As a Druid's home is within the forest, while he is away from the forest, he will experience yearning (HELP YEARNING) the longer he remains away.

A druid will find his guildmasters residing within a forest only, as druids by nature dislike population and the crowd of a city. They are rural creatures, and come out of the forest very seldomly.

If you desire to join the order of Druids, you must be of NEUTRAL align and be either a Human or Werebeast Ranger of no more or less than the 30th level. Upon reaching this rank, inquire at the Ranger Guild.

Should you be successful, those spells and skill shared with the Ranger class will carry over. All others are lost.


Druid Titles

 hand to handscrolls 
5keen sight  
8dirt kickinghaggle 
9fast healing  
12quiet movement comprehend languages
15camp forest mist
18shield blockdual wield 
19  control weather
20warcry control fauna
22second attackcreate torchdetect invis
23  create food
25  thunderclap
26trap of silvanus  
29  thunderstorm
30  druid gate
32  invigorate
   heal mana
34druid staff  
35  shield of thorns
36  arms of gaia
   deluge of water
37  detect traps
39  lightning bolt
40  vitalize
   circle of protection
41  earthquake
42brew treeform
44  restoration
46  identify
   locate object
47  hurricane
50foliage tsunami

1The skill preserve is hidden, it will not show up on your skill list.

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