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As old as time, the Liches are truly the generals in the armies of the Continuum. Unlike the solitary vampires, Liches battle with magic and control, dominating lesser undead, and using them as minions for their dark tasks. It is not known why the Liches came to the Aabahran, but it is suspected that after the battles with Irumeru, Chayesh required more powerful soldiers for his cause, and gave the gift of Lichdom to the haughtiest Arch-Magi of darkness. To see a Lich is to see death incarnate. Few can survive combat with these tremendous beings.

Quest Class Requirements

To seek the curse of eternal torment as a Lich, you must have mastered the hall of one of the schools of magic. Although most liches are drawn from the Necromancers, some have come from the Invokers, and even the powerful Battlemages. Regardless, to become one requires a total dedication to Anume, and a willingness to sacrifice mortality for power.

Classes: Necromancer, Invoker, Battlemage.
Race: Human, Half-Drow.
Level: 50
MUST INCLUDE THE WORDS "Lich application" in application subject

  • Must be evil aligned
  • Must be follower of the powers of Death
  • Must be ruthless (help ruthless)
  • Cannot be member of any cabal
  • Must have killed at least one player (PK).
  • Must have a minimum of 20 rp points.
    • (Note: Any qrace/class character that falls below this rp point minimum requirement runs the risk of losing their character.)
  • Must have a completed character history (help history)

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