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Races / Half-Drow

Alignment : neutral, evil
Ethos : lawful, neutral, chaotic
Max Stat : STR: 19 INT: 20 WIS: 21 DEX: 23 CON: 19
Classes : Warrior, Dark-Knight, Thief, Ninja, Cleric, Invoker, Battlemage, Shaman, Necromancer, Bard, Blademaster
Size : Medium Vuln : None
Resist : Charm
Immune : None

In the events leading up to the internal sedition and demolition of Xymerria, many of the most ancient and prestigious of the Drow houses plummeted into chaos. The rise of the "new" Lloth heralded a season of rampant treachery, depravity, and madness amongst the matrons. From the ashes and turmoil arose a rebellious force with nary a hint of visible allegiance to the God-Mistress of the Drow or Xymerria's great houses, led primarily by the offspring of freed Drowish male slaves, the Half-Drow.

The overwhelmingly vast majority of the Half-Drow have a Human mother and a Drow father. There is seldom a Drow woman humble enough to ever consummate love towards a non-Drow, and while it is possible, it is generally unseen.

The Half-Drow can most popularly be found in the Far East at the refuge of Deliverance, a camp built into the cliffs of the Outlands near the coast of the Dragon Sea. Deliverance is not nearly as lecherous as the city of Miruvhor, yet shares a very close border

with it. Deliverance experienced rapid growth in the woeful throes of the devastated Xymerria. As the popularity of Deliverance grew, so too did the mingling of blood in marriages which were in past times considered to be taboo. Half-Drow are loved and hated by many, and their fame, infamy, persecution, or exaltation are strongest in the East near the regions of Miruvhor.

The Half-Drow have not possessed a civilization of their own until recent times, as early as the beginning of the 1900s (PC). Sociologically their interests, biases, and creeds are as diverse as humans, and in the inclusive environment of Deliverance, many simply become followers of Chance, working as mercenaries, thieves, or bards. Struggle against racism is always a concern for a Half-Drow, as it often is for Half-Elves -- a curious irony. They often long for freedom and understandably in many cases lean away from obedience towards authority figures. Elves generally dislike Half-Drow, while Half-Elves generally love and admire them. There is a common trait of that unique human gene that creates a bond of familiarity; familiarity to the case of waywardness, persecution, and freedom. Drow almost all completely despise Half-Drow, and some Drow fathers, once slaves, have been known to relapse into nationalistic pride and turn on their half-blooded offspring. Humans are far too diverse to have any general traits at all towards Half-Drow, and such goes for most of the people groups of Aabahran. There are of course reasonable exceptions to all of these things.

Half-Drow are often both tall and bodacious, inheriting the larger frames of the human gene while keeping the slenderer wrists and ankles of the Drow. This makes them appear roguish and lanky, prone to greater athleticism. While not fair or regal, they have a darker, more visceral beauty. Many inherit the red eyes as well, and those without pure red eyes will almost always have flecks of red in their irises. While their ears are always pointed, confusing them for a Drow is almost impossible due to their skin tone. While the Drow's skin is often darker blue or black, the Half-Drow are more olive in color, ranging from a pale mustard color to an almost blackish mud. They are also frequently seen with freckles or blotches.

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