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Classes / Shaman


Human, Drow, Duergar, Fire, Feral and Half-Drow.


Shamans are dark priests who seek to destroy the faith of others often becoming prophets of death and suffering. Communing their powers from the Gods and demons of the netherworld they possess a devastating array of maledictions with which to plague their enemies. Their faces usually have a skeleton or demonic appearance and can only live as evils.

An evil cleric may choose to follow the path of the shaman after he/she has achieved the 25th rank until the 30th rank. When the time comes, simply go to the shaman guild in the nearest city and attempt to convert (by using the command: convert <character name>). An exception are the Half-Drow who may choose the shaman class upon creation, should they wish to do so.

Those skills and spells shared with the Cleric class will carry over. All others are lost.


Shaman Titles

1flailmacecause light
2  faerie fire
3  cause serious
   cure light
4  detect good
   detect magic
6fast healing detect invis
7kick poison
8  cause critical
9meditation infravision
10hand to hand protection
   chorus of anguish
11  cure serious
14  armor
   comprehend languages
15shield block curse
   dispel good
16  plague
   protective shield
17parry faerie fog
18haggle giant strength
19  dispel magic
20trance harm
21  bless
   cure blindness
   cure critical
22  identify
   locate object
23second attack enfeeblement
24  blindness
25  phantom grasp
26  cure disease
28  spirit bind
29  cure poison
   word of recall
30  remove curse
31  deteriorate
32  ethereal passage
33  insomnia
35  dysentery
36  mass invis
37  dark shroud
38  blasphemy
40  mass hysteria
42  visitation
45  blanket of darkness

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