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These creatures of the night have given up their souls to join the legion of the undead. Chosen among dark-knights whom are at the rank Legion Knight, they have been granted great powers by the Virigoth to do his bidding. Through their conversion they have lost the ability to produce their own blood, thus must drain those of others in order satisfy their hunger and thirst. As a term of the Covenant, vampires can only use their special powers at night and are greatly weaken in the wee hours of the morning. If burned by the touch of sun they must rest in their coffins in order to regain their strength. While resting in their coffins vampires regenerate at an incredible rate, however this also the time when vampires never wake to find the stake through their heart.

Quest Class Requirements

Class: Dark-Knight.
Race: Human.
Level: 15-30
MUST INCLUDE THE WORDS "vampire application" in application subject

  • Must be evil aligned
  • Must be ruthless (help ruthless)
  • Must be follower of powers of Death
  • Must have killed at least one player (PK).
  • Must have a minimum of 20 rp points.
    • (Note: Any qrace/class character that falls below this rp point minimum requirement runs the risk of losing their character.)
  • Must have a completed character history (help history)

You must send a scroll of application to Immortal, scribing of your history, goals, and any deeds you think may help your chances to be approved. The scroll must bear the title which includes words Vampire and application or it will not be considered. If your scroll is approved you shall be made to know what else is required of you.

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