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Races / Avian

Alignment : good, neutral, evil
Ethos : lawful, neutral, chaotic
Max Stat : STR: 19 INT: 21 WIS: 21 DEX: 23 CON: 19
Classes : Warrior, Dark-Knight, Thief, Ninja, Invoker, Battlemage, Necromancer, Bard, Blademaster
Size : Medium
Vuln : Air
Resist : None
Immune : None


One of the most elusive of the races, the avian people existed for the longest time without gaining the notice of most denizens of the realms. Loosely cut clothing combined with their ability to fold their wings behind their backs enabled them to remain secretive and hidden about their actual features for quite some time. Upon discovery, the avian people initially fled back to the Airia, their origin high atop Mount Khorand. However, given time, brave explorers sought them out and asked them to return to the world, seeking to utilize their unique abilities.

From that point onward, many of the avian people left the Airia and sought out greater opportunities in the world at large. As a direct result, their hometown fell into significant disrepair and, embarrassed by the appearance of their land, the avians sealed themselves off from the world of men for a time.

It was several centuries later that the Airia was reopened to the general populace of Aabahran, with the renewed pride of its winged inhabitants giving it a great luster and leading to the success of many businesses (most notably, the Combined Defense Company).

Many avians still walk (or fly) throughout the realms, but as a people they have vowed to never let their homeland or their race fall into such shambles again.

Usual Height

Approximately the same as humans; about 5 - 7 feet


The Airia


Avians, like their wing-lacking counterparts, humans, are an exceedingly diverse species. As a result, they are not particularly concentrated in one field of expertise or religion. Avians are notable for practicing many different beliefs as a people; the one exception being their fondness for those who believe strongly in nature, as they are very much in tune with the atmosphere.

Physical Features

With wings folded, some avians appear to simply be regular humans, with a slight hump on their back. However, with their wings outstretched, they have

often been mistaken for angels, or in some cases, demonic beings. Avians are typically very lithe and graceful, as their bodies must be conducive to flying. Very few, if any avians have ever been known to have any sort of paunch. Because of their dependence on the wind for propulsion, they have become sensitive to disturbances in wind speed and pressure. Avians often have sharper features - especially their noses are often hawk-like - than the average human. Some grow soft feathers instead of hair, in rare cases these feathers even cover them completely, which has been argued to be an evolutionary back development by some scholars. If this really is the case remains arguable. Otherwise, they are very much like the other humanoids races of Aabahran.


Avians, on the whole, have a very strong link to each other. Most especially after the downfall of the Airia, and the subsequent rebuilding, they have been known to have a very strong connection to their fellow people. It is not very often that an avian will act maliciously toward others of their kin.

As far as governance, the Airia has no true ruling body, and since the avian people are so spread out across Aabahran, they often simply find themselves governed by the leadership of their new homes - typically the major cities of the realm.

Relationships with Other Races

In addition to a great fondness for each other, avians are also especially fond of anyone else who shares their affinity for the air; namely faeries and other sprites. They also have a great love for the human people, who have shown tolerance to their kind for many centuries, and were the ones who drew them back out into the world - in addition, of course, to being the most similar physically. Otherwise, avians on the whole have no particularly notable relations with other races, and merely get along on a personal level.

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