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Races / Demon

Alignment : evil
Ethos : chaotic
Max Stat : STR: 23 INT: 23 WIS: 18 DEX: 18 CON: 22
Classes : Warrior, Dark-Knight, Battlemage, Necromancer, Shaman
Size : Large
Vuln : Summon
Resist : None
Immune : None


The history of the Demonkin's appearance in Aabahran is quite commonly known. The ancient texts of history tell us: "In the Fourth Age of Aabahran, the demon Shadowspawn came from the Chaos Rift and tore Aabahran and its populace asunder with the screams and torments of the Chaos Demons. These vile creatures were unlike any Aabahran had seen. They did not speak a language any knew, and their names were so vile and repulsive to speak that they were connoted nicknames to describe their pleasures."

Yet even before their appearance in Aabahran, Demons had existed within their own realms. For Eons they gazed upon Aabahran with an envious eye, trying and for the most part failing, in opening the gateway between the planes. It was not until the rise of the first Demon Lord, Shadowspawn, that the rift was first opened. Using the energy of the alignment of the moons, the Demons tore open a portal into Aabahran. This action, and what occurred afterward would be known as the Cataclysm and the Bloodletting.

Although the armies of Chaos were defeated, the damage was done - interplanar travel became a possibility. From that day forth, Aabahran was plagued by such horrors as Malignant, Aberant, Lunicant, Miscreant, Malevolant, and many more. Also of import are the many pacts with which Demons have been bound to along the years. One such pact was between the Demon Lord Malchaeius and the God of Death, Chayesh. In return for his minions bringing much death into the world, Chayesh gave the God of Chaos his choice in souls to use as he saw fit.

Malchaeius sustained a similar pact with the new Goddess of Death, Anume, whom he adopted as protege for a time. Residing in the Heart of Chaos, a pocket dimension between his realm and this one he felt more comfortable in, Malchaeius manipulated Aabahran's populace into providing ever new hosts and created new demonspawn using the granted tortured souls and vellum. This Heart of Chaos is a place very few mortals have seen and lived to speak about. This low rate of survivability is true for most demonic planes; these dimensions of existence belong to demons alone.

After Malchaeius shifted his focus to another plane of existence, perhaps judging it to be riper for the taking, other demons appeared in Aabahran, vying for dominance. Who eventually comes out on top is yet to be seen.

Usual Height

Demons come in varying shapes and sizes. The smaller demonic imps are comparable to the faeries, while Balors can tower over city skylines. Those demons born from the shells of mortals, however, tend to be comparable in size to minotaurs and ogres.


While Demons do not have a specific hometown, there do exist several planes in the multiverse that they call home. These planes exist outside of that in which Aabahran exists. This is the very core of the multiverse. The gods Malchaeius, Caimor and Chayesh emerged from a plane of existence outside of Aabahran's own.


As living embodiments of Chaos, Demons follow only the teachings of Discord. They will spread their teachings either by word, action, or combination of the two. Their loyalty to their God is unwavering, for any who doubts knows that an eternity of torture awaits them.

Physical Features

Demons are not living beings, but nor are they dead or undead. They are the result of a thousand damned souls intertwined into a single mind with vellum as a catalyst. Since they are already doomed by the gods they are immune to the curses some may attempt to bind them with. Having no normal spoken dialect, they speak only telepathically augmenting their power with magic in order to be heard by others. No two demons born by the possession of a human host ever look the same. This is due to the very individual process of combination which involves using distinct souls that are attracted to certain vices. All demons have wings of different sizes, shapes and material. Horns and claws are also common within the demon horde. Demons have a distinct lack of pupils, and it is believed that it was this appearance which birthed the saying "the eyes are the gateway into the soul". They do not sweat, instead their skin releases a pungent dark liquid.


Nothing is respected more in the demonic horde than power. The greater your ability in wielding the forces of chaos, the higher your status. Treachery is rampant, and betrayal a way of life. Strangely, this behavior rarely accompanies them into their interactions in the planes of Aabahran. Unlike the undead, there is no rule preventing demons from slaying one another. However, it happens that often their goals are not exclusive. Still, it is important to note that they will not hesitate to destroy one another for their own gains. Within the nightmarish demonic planes of the multiverse, a system much akin to feudalism exists. Every few eons, one demon attains such mastery over the powers of Chaos that they rise to the status of Demon Lord or Lady. This Demon rules over all of the planes of chaos with an iron fist. Beneath this Lord are the Vassals whom control specific demonic planes. These Vassals follow the lead of the Demon Lord only inasmuch as they fear the retribution for disobeying. Beneath them are lesson Demons who constantly vie for positioning themselves.

Demons are divided by abilities and purposes. While some are adept in the arts of magic, others are known for their pugilistic prowess. Furthermore, most demons have names that are quite difficult to pronounce in the common tongue. Thus, they are named for their vices or visible traits.

Relationships with Other Races

Demons consider the other races to be toys; they are merely instruments of pleasure. Demons also share a strained relationship with the Undead. While the two unnatural races have shared alliances when their goals converged - they have also been known destroy each other.

Quest Race Requirements

Classes: Warrior, Berserker, Cleric, Shaman, Battlemage, Necromancer, Dark-Knight.
Race: Human.
Level: 15-30
MUST INCLUDE WORDS "demon application" in application subject Must be evil aligned

  • Must be ruthless (help ruthless)
  • Must be follower of the way of Discord and powers of Chance
  • Must have killed at least one player (PK).
  • Must have a minimum of 20 rp points.
    • (Note: Any qrace/class character that falls below this rp point minimum requirement runs the risk of losing their character.)
  • Must have a completed character history (help history)

You must send a scroll of application to Immortal, scribing of your history, goals, and any deeds you think may help your chances to be approved. The scroll must bear the title which includes words demon and application or it will not be considered. If your scroll is approved you shall be made to know what else is required of you.

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