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Cabals / SAVANT

Aabahran was scarred and burnt when the final battles of the War of the Legions had been won. The broken forces of the darkness that would be NEXUS and the rebellious ranks of KNIGHT had each taken refuge in the far corners of the world. But unbeknownst to them both, another force lay in waiting. Nearly a year to the day after the Great War, a tall featureless tower appeared unexplainably upon the horizon. It's walls were devoid of life, but the multitude of rooms were filled with scores of ancient tomes, moth-eaten and time-worn.

The massive doors of the tower remain closed for eons, turning away those who sought entrance within. But then, without explanation, they opened. Within the next few decades, magi from across the lands entered the tower and partook of it's knowledge. Armed with their new-found knowledge, they emerged from the Tower on a quest to drive ignorance from the lands, and educate the world in the ways of magic - eradicating all those who would oppose their indoctrination. For their hermetic ways, vast pools of knowledge, and lethal minds the populace of Aabahran dubbed these scholars SAVANTS.


Savant armies are summoned or created. Their armies cost extra to recruit and train, but are more powerful and always fly. Any mage or half-mage present in Savant owned area will receive their aid in regeneration of mental powers.

Entrance Requirements

  Good Neutral Evil
Alignment x x x
  Lawful Neutral Chaotic
Ethos x x x

Races: All
Classes: Healer, Cleric, Necromancer, Battlemage, Invoker, Shaman, Psionicist and Lich

The Temporum

The river of time runs swiftly, and it's course has brought magi from all the corners of Aabahran to guard it's flow. With the appearance of the Tower those who studied within it's walls learned how to manipulate and even change the course of time. With time comes wisdom, and with wisdom, comes power. The members of TEMPORUM, rather then spend time towards aimless divination and gazing into the beyond seek to unlock the secrets of time itself through application of their knowledge. Their minds are like knives, and their whispers are words with power to cut open the curtains of universe and reveal the treasures beyond. With the flow of time at their beck and call few are those whom would dare to oppose them.

Races: All
Classes: Cleric, Necromancer, Battlemage, Invoker, Psionicist and Lich

The Mysterum

Beyond the limits of mortal vision, lay planes of energies that defy explanation. It is rumored that these are the planes of the Immortals, or the borders of worlds other than our own, but only a select few know for sure. Steeped in long-forgotten knowledge, the ranks of MYSTERUM see beyond, immersing their minds in these energies and learning from them. The contact with these powers take their toll, however, and often, these sages show evidence of delving too deep. Eccentric and unpredictable, MYSTERUM are the eyes and ears of SAVANT, casting their gaze beyond, in efforts to garner what will aid their quest to bring knowledge to the masses.

Races: All
Classes: Healer, Cleric, Battlemage, Invoker, Shaman, Psionicist and Lich

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