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The history of the Psi can be traced to one diminutive Gnome by the name of Snivelis Bentgear. Blessed with a remarkable intellect he quickly ascended to the highest ranks of Invokers. He was renowned for his work on Mana charge theory and his lectures as Dean of the Academy on the finer aspects of dispelling. Life for professor Bentgear was going as he had precisely planned, until the jealousy of colleagues lined the pockets of Syndicate. Snivelis was captured and delivered to the deepest bowels of the Underdark. His Illithid captors exploited his open mind to enslave him into a simple verbal interpreter to the slave pens of the Hive and the army of Duergar they favored.

After a time Snivelis began to dissect the manner in which he was manipulated. He could sense, if not see the waves of telepathy as they manipulated various areas of his brain. The nuance of a simple caress to the frontal lobe to invoke movement, the pin prick to the back for blinding pain. Soon he realized how much potential there was for greater manipulation of not just others, but of the inanimate as well; the elements, the molecular structure of flesh and more. In a procedure only known to the great masters of the Psionicist guild, Snivelis sacrificed that part of him that held Mystic energy and in so doing strengthened his mind to heights no other in Aabaharn have ever known. Thus was Snivelis freed, and thus was the guild of Psionicist born.

To be accepted into the secret society of the Psionist one must be of superior intellect and unquestioned masters of their current magical craft. The Psi manipulates mana by drawing their power from their own mind rather than magical incantations from the Mystic energy around them. By doing so they are capable of the most powerful feats of magic ever seen. However, when performed such abilities are lost until properly meditated into memory once more. Meditation is the lifeblood of the Psi and their most coveted of rituals, a time when the mind is at peace and released from all existing spell maintenance. The particular abilities of the Psi are secretive and mysterious. Yet it is rumored that the Psi can specialize their focus on melee, mental or destructive circles of study.

Quest Class Requirements

Classes: Necromancer, Invoker, Battlemage, Monk.
Races: Illithid, Elf, Half-Elf, Human, Gnome, Avian, Faerie.
Level: 50.
MUST INCLUDE WORDS "psi application" in application subject

  • Must be good or neutral aligned. Illithid is the exception
  • Cannot be a member of any cabal
  • You must send a scroll of application to "Immortal", scribing of your history, goals, and any deeds you think may help your chances to be approved. The scroll must bear the title which includes words psi and application or it will not be considered. If your scroll is approved you shall be made to know what else is required of you.

If you are accepted to the secret society of the Psi, you will be reduced to the first rank with applicable abilities, HP, mana and moves. Any skills which you may be allowed to use in future will be kept, all others are forgotten.

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