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Cabals / WATCHER

For eons people of all races joined together in a common cause, a common need, to form great cities to protect themselves from their neighbors and to allow them to share the burden of lifes toils. As more sprang and spread the scars left by their building tore through the lands, making them uninhabitable. It was then that the god of nature appeared and told of what was being done, and instructed those that dwelt in the cities to stop what they had begun, and to restore what had been torn asunder. But the people were a vain and pompous lot, and had taken crowns and titles and made laws that they felt justified their actions, even in the face of the words of a god. They did not heed his words, and so he left them with anger burning inside him.

Then did the gods of death conspire against nature.

With the rebirth of the god Virigoth legions of undead rose from the tombs and crypts to feed on the people of the lands, from a rift in time and space came the Chaos Demons, reveling in the terror and suffering they brought with them. Then did the gods of death put their taint upon the living, making them twisted, a perverted shadow of their former self. They were given eternal life, but at a price. Called Vampires, they would forever feed upon the blood of the people in the lands.

And then the gods of light twisted their own.

They called their greatest followers to them and changed them, made them a part of the Light itself, forsaking their spirits and bodies, they became the nemesis of darkness, but they had paid a price in doing so, for they were no longer what nature had made them to be.

With each touch of their tainted forms the lands themselves cried out in pain, deafening and torturing the god of nature. And so it was that he called to him his most loyal and hardy followers to combat those that would tear down, those that would destroy, and those that are a taint upon the lands, and in doing so created the Watchers. Now they stalk the lands, seeking those that rule and guard the cities, and those twisted by the gods of light and darkness.

Entrance Requirements

  Good Neutral Evil
Alignment   x  
  Lawful Neutral Chaotic
Ethos   x x

Races: Half-Elf, Half-Drow, Stone, Gnome, Human, Werebeast, Slith, Feral, Minotaur, Avian, Dwarf, Halfling and Ogre
Classes: All

The Stalkers

While it is said that nature is peaceful and nurturing, there are those dedicated to its cause that are quite the opposite. Deep in the heart of the forests they gather, forever on guard against those that would intrude, those that would harm, those that would destroy. They are the sword, the shield, and the fury of nature itself. They are called Stalkers. They travel the lands searching for those tainted by gods and magic, seeking to destroy them and rid the lands of their pestilence. Since the gods changed and twisted mortals with their power, nature has recoiled and rebelled at their touch, as it causes the lands to decay and die. The spirit of nature cries out in pain at their passing, sharing that pain with those that are in tune with it. Stalkers are dedicated to eliminating all that is unnatural in the lands, and healing the scars caused by their touch. Be the creature of the Light or Darkness, it matters not, Stalkers will hunt them relentlessly. Due to this, only the bravest, most dedicated followers will be allowed into their ranks, as they know no fear, and will hunt even the most feared creatures in the lands.

Races: Half-Elf, Half-Drow, Stone, Gnome, Human, Werebeast, Slith, Feral, Minotaur, Avian, Dwarf, Halfling and Ogre
Classes: All

The Warders

Since people began gathering like cattle into a pen, they have built structures to house themselves and to protect each other from their neighbors. As they grew the names changed with the size of the structure, village, town, city. They hold many names, and have many uses for those that live there, but they are a cancer upon the lands and nature. They are lands stolen, taken from the creatures that called them home to serve those that intruded and claimed them for their own. With these structures firmly built, the intruders then proclaimed themselves rulers of the lands, Royalty, and declared their words the laws of the land. These thieves believed that by killing and razing the sacred glades of nature, it gave them the right to govern all. How wrong they were, for nature rebelled, and the spirit of nature cried out to its followers, seeking those that would restore its lands, and drive out the thieves that stole them from its grasp. And so they came to answer the call, and were given the name Warder. Their purpose was simple and direct: Drive out the false rulers of the cities, those that uphold their laws, and to tear down and reclaim what they had caused to be.

Races: Half-Elf, Half-Drow, Stone, Gnome, Human, Werebeast, Slith, Feral, Minotaur, Avian, Dwarf, Halfling and Ogre
Classes: All

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